Photo Challenge #111: 30 Minutes Before…


Thirty minutes before her wedding, Dahlia found her ear pressed against the back-wall of the closet in her room as she intensely listened to the conversation between her future-husband, Scott, and maid-of-honor, Nikki, that was happening in the next door. Actually, not much conversation was going on. It was mostly passionate moaning and screaming. All of the sudden, it stopped. “I can’t do this.” Scott said, “it’s not right.” Dahlia could hear the clinking of Scott’s belt buckle and stomping as he put his pants back on.

Dahlia could picture Nikki frowning as she asked, “Why not?” Could she be this stupid? Dahlia wondered.

“Why not?” Scott replied, voice raised, “Why not? I’m getting married in thirty minutes, that’s why not!” He sighed. “Look, you will always be my first love but what we have, that’s in the past. Dahlia’s my future now. So…”

Dahlia couldn’t listen to any more of this. She couldn’t believe it. Her best friend and fiance? First love? In a fit of rage, she tore the veil from her head and threw it across the room and then, as heavy as her dress was, she managed to grab a fistful of the bottom and ran out of the room. She grabbed the bouquet of flowers that was laid on a table and headed for the courtyard, away from her family, the in-laws, and friends. When she was far enough, she roared a thunderous scream, tears quickly followed and with all her strength, she flung the bouquet to the sky.

A response to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie’s Photo Challenge.

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