Photo Challenge #112: The Dream


Alex looks around, shaking her head, no, this can’t be real, this is a dream, she thinks. She is standing in the middle of the woods, wearing what looks like a black kimono. It reminds her of an animate she watched the night before. She begins to walk, crushing the dry leaves beneath her bare soles. She jumps at every sound, whether it’s a crow or the wind. As she walks on, she begins to feel the suspicion that she’s being watched. No, it’s more like there’s a shadow lurking somewhere. She stops and says bravely. “Whoever you are, come out and face me.”

The watcher lands on the ground before her, Alex tilts her head in confusion. Whoever this is, it is dressed in similar clothing as her. It lifts its head up and Alex gasps. “Sofia?”

Sofia has been her nemesis ever since they were kindergarten. Sofia grins as she pulls a samurai sword from behind. Alex staggers a step backward, this is a dream, she thinks urgently, give me a sword. No sword appears. “Damn it.” She shrieks. Sofia is running toward her, what does she do? Frighteningly, she throws both hands in front of her as if telling Sofia to stop and not wanting to know what happens next. She squeezes her eyes shut and turns her head away.

Something happened.

Alex opens her eyes and finds Sofia dangling in midair. She gazes up and watches the expression on Sofia’s face turn from confusion to anger as she discovers two white silky rope-like things wrap around her wrists. Alex’s eyes widen as she watches Sofia grits her teeth in her struggle with the thing that’s sprouting from Alex’s wrists. Alex walks forward, the tether seems to retract with her steps. “I hate you, Alex.” Sofia at last says when they are no more than five steps from each other.

Alex frowns, “Why? Sofia, why?”

“Wake up, Alex.” Sofia replies.

“What does that mean?” Alex asks and Sofia repeats the exact words she said a minute ago. Annoyed and angry, Alex closes the distance between the two of them and pulls Sofia by the collar. “What does it mean, Sofia?”

“Wake. Up.” Sofia pronounces those two words slow and clear and throws her fist across Alex’s face. “Wake. Up.”

Alex bolts upright on her bed. Her sister, Taylor, stands over her, arms fold across her chest. “How many times do I have to say wake up for you to actually wake up? Come on, we are late for school.”

A response to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie’s Photo Challenge.

11 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #112: The Dream

  1. Oh no, doesn’t sound like the best dream. But sometimes dreams mean other things, can be outlets where we control what we can’t in real life or couldn’t before. I liked the end. Very cool with those things coming from Alex and binding Sofia and Sofia yelling wake up but it’s actually her sister. Well done!

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