Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Strange Dream


Inspired by a podcast…

It was like a dream. One minute Kelsey was in her room cramming for her European History final, the next she was flying toward the giant strange blue ball in the distance. In a matter of seconds, she crashed through it and landed on hard ground.

Where am I? She wondered before noticing men like soldiers with steel caps and bayonets running toward her. “Hey!” They yelled. She got on the ground, covered her ears with her hands, and squeezed her eyes tightly shut, hoping that this was all a dream. Bang bang bang went as the bullets discharged from the guns. She braced for the pain which it never came.

She opened her left eye and peeked. The soldiers coming toward her were all dead. How did that happen? She thought as she stood up. “Whoa.” She said quietly. Kelsey was in World War II Europe. How did I get here?


Back in Kelsey’s bedroom, her head rested on her left arm as she quietly snored.

(~167 words)

I am participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer, where we write a piece between 100 and 150 words (more or less 25 words) in length inspired by the photo prompt above.Β 

25 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Strange Dream

  1. Very interesting time travelling to WWII. Frightening to have all those soldiers aiming at Kelsey. Was she dreaming, studying to much history perhaps? Great write.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. At least her dream is related to the material she’s studying. You never know, it might even help her to remember certain details, by putting them into a more personal context! Good story, Yinglan. πŸ™‚

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