Writing Prompt #165: Free


They sit down across from one another, like a news anchor conducting an interview, like a therapist conducting a session with a patient. Nothing in either of their behavior or movement is suggestive that they’re a married couple and certainly not married for 20 years. She crosses her legs and clears her throat. “You’re a ghost driving a meat coated skeleton made from stardust, what do you have to scared of?”

His brows crinkle into an uni-brow, puzzled. “What?”

She was never good at expressing herself and always says the craziest things at the oddest moments. He loved her for that, 20 years ago, and that was the reason why he got down on one knee and even though as time went on, her expressions became odder and odder but he never fell out of love with her.

She clears her throat again and sighs. “I’m sorry, Frank. It’s been 20 years. We’ve stayed here for 20 years. At first, I thought it would be fun, you know, life on the run. That’s why I said yes. I didn’t say yes because of your charm. I said yes because I want my life to be adventurous. I want to play on abandoned train tracks, dance next to it with you twirling me, like the girls in the movies. I want a different place to stay every night, not in this broken own house that we’ve called home for the last 20 years. I’m sorry but I’m done.”

She stands up and begins walking toward the road. “Catherine, wait!” Frank calls after her but she ignores him.

Don’t look back, she tells herself as she strains not to look back, it’s over. She has left her wedding band on the sofa and has no belongings. She is a free woman.

A response for MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie’s Writing Prompt

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