Photo Challenge #120: White Chapel


The town of White Chapel has known for its supernatural activities and freakish and sudden deaths, though hardly anyone knows the real reason behind this myth. The truth is, more than half a millennia ago, a boy, no older than ten was executed for murdering his parents. No one could prove it and as much as they wanted the boy was innocent, the judge wouldn’t listen to anyone but a priest who laid a hand on the boy’s shoulder and jumped back, crying, “he’s cursed, he’s cursed!”

The boy was killed by burning at the stake. “This is a mistake!” He cried as he was dragged to the stake that stood out in the center of a pile of hay. Not many came to witness the barbaric execution of the boy but in the morning of the next day, the boy’s friends and remaining relatives arrived at the town square and pulled the boy’s charred remains from the stake. They wrapped him in a white cloth and buried him at the edge of town.

More than half a millennia later, on a gorgeous spring Sunday morning, as residents in the town of White Chapel are preparing to go to church, the unusually still water in the White Chapel lake moved. First, it’s just a ripple but then the ripple grew wider and wider. Anyone standing at the edge of the lake would immediately assume an earthquake even though they are not feeling anything beneath their feet. It is not an earthquake but something far more supernatural. Slowly, rising from the water, wrapped in twine, is the boy that supposedly died being burned at the stake.

A response to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie’s Photo Challenge.

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