Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Target


“Konnichiwa” Kim spoke confidently in a Japanese accent as she stood beneath the red lantern of a Japanese tea-house, dressed in traditional summer kimono waiting for her target. “How will I know which one he is?” She muttered.

“Oh, you’ll know.” Her cocky brother, Cody, replied on the other end of her earpiece. He’s in a truck a block away, watching all unfold. “There he is, nine o’clock.”

Kim turned, spotting her target immediately, a middle-aged man in business attire and carrying a suitcase. She intercepted him, clapped her hands together, and bowed, “Konnichiwa, Fujimoto-san.”

Mr. Fujimoto smiled at Kim and spoke in English. “Uh, excuse me, Miss do I know you?”

“Ah, yes, I’m with the organization.” At the word, “organization,” Mr. Fujimoto slammed the suitcase at Kim’s head but missed and when Kim recovered to a standing position, he was running toward the pagoda. “Oh no you don’t. You’re up, Cody.” She said and immediately, rope sprang from nowhere, tripping Mr. Fujimoto. “Got you.” She muttered as she slapped the handcuffs on him.

(~175 words)

I am participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer, where we write a piece between 100 and 150 words (more or less 25 words) in length inspired by the photo prompt above. 

16 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Target

    • I got the inspiration from a children TV show I recently once again started watching and I really like the idea of law enforcement going undercover to catch criminals. 🙂 Thank you for reading.


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