The Strangest Dreams

At the end of July, I wrote about a vivid and dramatic dream I had about my mom and I vacationing on an island. It turned out that’s not the strangest dream I’ve ever had. In the recent days, my dreams have become weirder and weirder and although I can’t remember most of them, there were a few that had left me confused and wondering throughout the day. Lucid-dreams

A dream from a few nights ago even got me sleep-walking! I don’t sleep-walk often, maybe once every couple of years. Let’s just say, I can’t remember the last time I sleep-walked. Fortunately, I didn’t anything stupid. I woke up just as I was putting on my shoes to go upstairs.

In the dream, I was on the streets when an IED went off. Good thing I was quick enough to hide behind a car. I still got wounded with pieces of shrapnel trapped in my arms and legs. At 4-foot-9-inches, my aunt was my nurse but apparently, I didn’t need much treatment because the scene changed.

I was at a wedding reception. Everything was white. It was hot and humid and I was sweating in my blue gown. My left upper forearm had a large band-aid on it and as the line I was in moved, my left arm began to bleed. Fortunately, my aunt was nearby and discovered there was piece of glass stuck in my arm. She extracted it immediately and that was it. The dream ended just like that.

The dream didn’t make sense to me at all. First, my aunt is not a nurse. She’s an accountant. Second, why would an IED go off in the the middle of the street? Unless I was in a war zone? This dream made me ask a lot of questions.


This dream is even weirder and this time, it caused me to oversleep by 40 minutes. 

My mom and I were at a fancy restaurant in Monterrey, California with her friends. There was oysters, sushi, and all kinds of seafood on the table. We were sitting at a large table even there were only four of us. The restaurant was empty. I looked out and could see the ocean.

A Japanese chef wheeled a metal cart to our table. The top was a grill. Apparently we’d already ordered because he started making the food. I didn’t know what I’ve ordered. My mom ordered for me. She’s very picky of what I can and cannot eat at restaurants or anywhere.

The scene changed. We’re still at the table but the table had become rectangular and the large restaurant had become a street joint and day had become night. We were at a chef’s table. The chef brought out a plate of yummy clams and my mom pinched her face. “What in the world is this?” She said, “So dirty!”

“I am sorry,” the chef apologized, bowed, and took the plate away. The waiter, a large Japanese man who looked like a Sumo wrestler glared at my mom. Her friends remained silent the entire time. The chef brought out another specialty dish and once again, my mom complained.

After the third complaint, I got up and excused myself to the bathroom. As I came out, the waiter cornered me. “How can you stand her?” I shrugged. “She’s not nice. Chef spent a long time making the dishes and all she does is complain. You are a very tolerant woman.”

My cheeks flushed dark red as I walked back to the table and that was the end of the dream.

The only reason I woke up from this dream was because my mom was in the next room creating a ruckus, packing bags for this weekend and shouting questions at me. The concentration had become too hard so my dream mind shut down.

Still, what strange and confusing dreams! Usually, my dreams are very obvious but these dreams, I can’t even find the words to describe it. What do the dreams mean? What is it my mind is trying to tell me?

Daily Prompt – Confused

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20 thoughts on “The Strangest Dreams

  1. I think there’s a strange influx of energy into our world. Lately my dreams have been heavy and nonsensical too. I’m used to forward, direct, messages through my dreams, but these are like the synapses are firing in all directions

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  2. Mostly I get a kick out of the dreams I remember. Last night I dreamed I caught my husband washing clothes for some other woman. The clothes were at the end of the cycle. I pulled some out to look at them. They were ugly and to top it off, they were size 2. I told him about the dream.., and we had a good laugh. Thirty years ago I might not have thought it was funny!

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