Sunday Photo Fiction: Revenge


On a cold winter night, in the depth of the woods, a scream pierced the air. 

Now, four months later, spring has arrived. Everything is melting, even in the extreme depth of the woods where sunlight is never plentiful. The forest is coming alive again with its dripping, flowing, and crackling noises though it’s not the trees who are doing the crackling.

She has been frozen since that cold winter night when she foolishly agreed to meet him only to get dragged into the woods. Oh, she’s not dead. She is very much alive, just a temporary effect of what he had done to her. Now as she’s thawing beneath the warm sun, her mind is busy going over her elaborate scheme as she had for the past four months. Oh, he’s going to pay, she thinks as she grinds her teeth. I am going to make him suffer for what he did to me.

She sits up as the last of the ice around her ankles thaw. She glances at her hands, they are blue with icicles and with a wave of her hands, her surroundings immediately turn to ice. She grins, “Perfect.”

(194 words)

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