Sunday Photo Fiction: Don’t You Know?


“Honey, I’m home!” Ross ran into the house and slammed the door. 

His wife, Lucy, burst out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on her apron, “What’s the excitement?” He grabbed her hand and led her to the window. “W-what’s that?” She asked with disbelief.

“It’s a new car!”

“What? How?”

“I won it!” He glanced around, “Where’s Kristen? I can’t wait to surprise her.”

“Ross, I don’t think you should disturb Kristen at the moment – she’s in the middle of a job.”

“Don’t worry, Luce. I’ll be careful.” He kissed her on the forehead and trotted down the hall and down the stairs to the basement. Lucy shook her head and sighed.

Half-way down the stairs, Ross heard the sound of a welding torch. “Oh Kristen, I have a surprise for you.” He singsonged loudly but Kristen didn’t react.

He moved closer and tapped on her shoulder. Kristen jumped and immediately pointed the torch at Ross. When she saw who it was, she quickly shut off the torch, lifted her helmet, pulled her gloves, and removed her earplugs. “Dad!” She shrieked, “Don’t you know it’s dangerous to tap someone on the shoulder while they’re holding a welding torch?”

(199 words)

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