Thursday Photo Prompt – New Year Eve #writephoto


After running around London all day, Lauren was exhausted. All she wanted was to return to her hotel room, plop onto the bed, and stay there until the next day but she knew she couldn’t. She had promised her sister, Laura, they would join the New Year Eve celebration. From her pocket, she pulled out her phone and dialed Laura’s number. “I hope you didn’t call to cancel,” was the first thing Laura said when she answered.

Immediately, Lauren felt guilty. “But I’m exhausted.”

“Who told you to go running around London?” Laura replied sharply. When Lauren suggested touring around London on New Year Eve, right away, Laura said, “No way! I’m not going to waste my energy running around the city on New Year Eve. I’m going to rest up for the big show at midnight.”

This was the sisters’ first trip to London. They had worked hard, putting every cent from their crummy minimum-wage diner jobs into the trip. Laura, being her organized self, had drawn an incredibly detailed itinerary that included a minute-by-minute activity. Lauren, on the other hand, just wanted to get lost. She had heard from watching movies that getting lost was the best way to experience Europe.

“Touring includes running around, Laura. Why can’t you go alone?”

“Because I’d look stupid!” Laura shrieked. “No one goes to these things alone. You hear me? No one!”

Lauren sat up and groaned, Laura’s unbelievable, she thought, she’ll never let this go if I don’t go. “Fine, just give me an hour to get ready.” She hung up before Laura could get a word in, tossed the phone aside, and closed her eyes.

Bang Bang Bang

“Coming! I’m coming!” Hair tousled, Lauren yanked open the door. Standing on the other side of the threshold was Laura with her arms crossed. She was tapping her foot loudly on the floor.

“You’re late!” She said angrily and before Lauren could get a word in, she broke into a rant. “You said to give you an hour. I’ve waited for four hours! Four Hours! I waited until everybody was singing Auld Lang Syne and kissing beneath the light-strung Big Ben. I stood there like an idiot!” Laura shook her head as Lauren opened her mouth. “This is the last time. I’ll never forgive you for this.”

“Laura,” Lauren said softly but Laura shook her head, “No, you’ve screwed up too many times. We may be related by blood but we are not sisters.” Crying, Laura stomped down the hall to her room and slammed the door.

“Laura,” Lauren chased after her sister and banged on the door but it was no use. Slowly, she staggered back to her room wondering, what have I done? She had not only ruined her sister’s New Year Eve but she may had ruined the relationship with her sister.


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