100 Word Wednesday: The Cabin


There is once an old cabin in the wood.

Joggers passerby said the foul scent of rotten flesh wreaked from the cabin but no one bothered to find out the owner of the cabin or the current occupant. As time went on, the condition of the cabin deteriorated until one day, the roof caved in. When police kicked down the door, they discovered a young girl in a white dress sitting in front of a canvas. She was humming and painting a landscape. Around her, the walls were filled with blood spatters. Slowly, as in a trance, the police retreated.

(100 words)

This story is written for 100 Word Wednesday

16 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday: The Cabin

  1. Woah! Chilling indeed….but so much more to tell! The wonderful thing I love about these stories are that they are not only tales in and of themselves, but reveal a larger landscape of imagery to explore, tales to unwind.

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