100 Word Wednesday: Did he do it?

Image Credit: Frank Jansen

“Are you serious?” Cody hissed, dropping the paper bag full of food on the dusty table. “You cannot hide here.”

Frank grabbed the bread and began tearing it like an animal. “So what? This place has been abandoned for the last decade. No one will find me here, not unless a certain cop rats me out.” Frank glared at Cody.

Six months ago, Frank was the precinct’s best detective until he was framed for a murder. Did he do it? No one knows and Frank has been on the run since.

Cody sighed, “Why can’t you just turn yourself in?”

(100 words)

This story is written for 100 Word Wednesday

12 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday: Did he do it?

      1. I’d love you to write some short stories (800 words or so) and give me the complete intro, body, and ending Now if they are too long I won’t have time to read them, so short but complete even if the ending has to be bad. But you know I like happy endings. Stories for Grandma Neta!

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      2. I am currently in the process of reviving some of my old stories and will be posting them soon. They are all complete (intro, body, and ending). I hope you will enjoy reading them. 🙂

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  1. I would have never thought of the building being a hideout for a cop on the run! What a wonderfully interesting perspective on the prompt 🙂 Thank you so much for joining us again this week — always a pleasure 🙂

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