100 Word Wednesday: Secret Meeting

Image Credit Jesse Williams

Somewhere in New York, 1920’s

In a hidden alley behind the Pearl Dinner, she waited in a trench coat over her long black dress. In her hand was a leather briefcase. She was weak and desperate, so desperate that she would pay anything. After all, what is money for someone like her, constantly on the run looking for food and ways to blend in.

“Do you have it?” She said with desperation. The man at the other end of the alley held up his briefcase. She took a whiff. Even through the thick protective layers of the briefcase, she could practically taste it. “Perfect.”

(100 words)

This story is written for 100 Word Wednesday.Β 

30 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday: Secret Meeting

    • Well, I can tell you she’s something supernatural and when you’re supernatural, trouble often finds you. That’s why she’s on the run. As for what’s in the man’s briefcase, it’s food for her and the guy’s just someone craving tons of cash. Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚

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    • Hey Ray! I run the challenge and posted the image from Unsplash where it is linked on my blog. As you can see, there is a Chipotle sign in the back. I don’t doubt there is an image or a painting of this scene, but this image is credited and has a free use license per Unsplash. If you have a link to the original, we’d love to see it. Thanks for the information!


      • Who gave it free usage? One thing about that, just because it was originally found and dumped into the internet by somebody who doesn’t understand US law, doesn’t change its copyright status and doesn’t give anybody the right to use it. The picture is worth money. Just Google Bill Brandt, or Life Magazine. I’m one of those people who believes that teaching you to fish is better than giving you a fish. By the way, it’s not a painting. It’s a photograph. Made in the 1940s. On real film. If somebody made a painting of it, it still needs an original credit. See Bob Dylan v Magnum.


      • One more thing, when you find it, you’ll see that his estate licenses it for 2500 pounds sterling. I’m sure they’ll be happy to see that Unsplash ,which, I just looked at, is offering a copy of it for free. Thanks for the info… I’ll pass it on.


  1. Deep in the underbelly of the city lies a stranger in wait….what a wonderful beginning to a fantastic story! You always have such good storylines πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for joining us again this week!

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