100 Word Wednesday: Rash Decisions

His life is full of rash decisions. One after another, he made his decisions in a snap of a finger including this one.

“I quit!” He slammed a paper on his boss’s desk one Friday afternoon. His boss stared at him, brows arched. “Hmm-mmm,” he continued, “that’s right. I no longer desire to work here.”

“And why the hell not?” His boss replied sharply.

He shrugged, “No reason. This job just isn’t right for me.”

“Then what is?” He didn’t answer. Instead, he walked out of there with his belongings, sold his house, and blew his savings on a boat.

(101 words)

This story is written for 100 Word Wednesday

9 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday: Rash Decisions

  1. I have so been that guy! Not buying the boat, I didn’t have that much adventure in me when I was younger, but I understand the lure of the sea. Selling it all and having the freedom to make your own decisions; not hemmed into a job or business that sucks your soul — a demanding, demeaning, boss who questions your motives? I’ve been a child, I’ve been hassled by people who love me — I surely wasn’t going to take it from some jerk who didn’t care about me, or my future! So emotional. So well written! I was caught up in the story as I see reflections of it in my own. Thank you for lending your talent to our writing community ❤

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    1. I understand completely. I’m the opposite. I’m not that guy and never have been that guy but I so want to be that guy – not pinned to a job or any commitment in life and just be free. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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      1. You are most welcome! I think we get so comfortable where we are in life, in relationships, in the day-to-day, it’s difficult to break out of the cycle and challenge ourselves — raise our plastic sporks — and demand, or simply take, change. Knowing it can happen? You’re halfway there ❤ You've got this, gurl ❤

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