Sunday Photo Fiction: A Spy’s Meeting Place

© J Hardy Carroll

“Where did you go?” His girlfriend asked, arms folded, eyes narrowed, interrogation-style.

Pulling the earbuds out of his ears, he replied lightly, “You know where I go.”

“I thought I did.” She muttered.

He gently placed his hands around her arms, “Is something wrong?”

She looked away, “I had you followed.”

“What, why?”

“Because you’re always running into that abandoned building in the corner. Why?”  He stepped back with wide eyes as his mouth formed the word, how. “I followed you the first morning,” she sighed. “I followed you to the ‘Sidewalk Closed’ sign, you ran into the abandoned parking structure and disappeared. So where do you go?”

“Do you…How can you…No wonder,” He began pacing, trying to form a coherent sentence. “How can you do such a stupid thing? Do you know how much danger you’re in now that you followed me?” He finally said. “My boss will never put me on another job.”

“What are you talking about?” She frowned.

“Haven’t you realize what I do for a living?” He barked a short laugh. “Of course not, it’s not like anyone’s seen a real-life spy before.”

“You are a spy?”

(200 words)

A Response for Sunday Photo Fiction

15 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: A Spy’s Meeting Place

  1. Very funny Yinglan. If the boyfriends a spy his sleuthing was good enough for his boss but not to hide from his girlfriend & her sleuthing abilities. Guys forget women have eyes in the back of their heads 😉 Also they have a sixth sense for when men are trying to hide something. Well written.


  2. He wasn’t very good if he didn’t realise he was being followed. Although I wonder if he said that to throw her off the scent of what he really does. Or … okay let’s see if I can get this to make sense.

    He told her he is a spy to make her think he is a spy to throw her off the scent, as she realises that spies don’t say that they are spies, and only makes her think that to throw her off the track that he really is a spy. We;;, that kinda makes sense haha.

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