Sunday Photo Fiction: You Lose

Well, this day just gets better and better, I thought sarcastically as I raced across the field where three cups perched on its wooden stands. What do I do now? Play spin the cup like a circus clown? 

I looked around and noticed a thin rope dangling from the wooden post next to the cups. I followed the rope which led me to a note or rather a riddle.

Before you stand three cups. Two of which are poisonous substances. Determine which of the three is not poisonous and you will be allowed passage. 

Okay, I thought, easy enough. Tip-toed, I peeked into the cups and frowned. One was filled with red liquid, another with blue liquid, and the final cup was filled with green liquid. I scratched my head. How in the world am I supposed to figure out which is not poisonous? 

I turned away from the cups, toward the finish line. You know what, forget this. What’s he going to do, block me from finishing my race? I sprinted toward the finish line but suddenly felt myself falling into the hole. Moments later, I sat up on my bed, screaming. Before me were two words, You lose.


(200 words)

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22 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: You Lose

  1. Wow! One frightening nightmare! Although I kind of agree with her choice, why risk drinking any cup. The piece of paper found upon waking up though would be terrifying.

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    1. I would not drink any of the cups either. This story was partially inspired by the first Harry potter book. There was a part where they had to choose from three cups. This picture reminded me of that. But I managed to turn it into a bad dream. 😁 And the note at the end was a bonus, makes the story more interesting. 😊

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      1. Ah I remember. There’s also a similar scene I the movie “The Princess Bride” but with only two cups. One with poison and one without.

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  2. You have to watch The Princess Bride! It’s an absolute classic. I know you’ll love it’s a fairytale crossed with comedy and some other more series action packed scenes 🙂

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