#writephoto – Love Triangle

It was one clear night. The year was 1955 in small town, Kansas. Thomas had come home hoping for a nice hot meal with his wife, Mary, but instead, the house was empty with neither signs of his wife nor a prepared meal. “Mary,” he shouted and headed upstairs to the bedroom where he knocked on the door, “Mary?” He said softly but no answer. He glanced at his watch, 7:15, where can she be? He thought.

Stomach growling from skipping lunch, Thomas decided to phone his good friend and town sheriff, Charlie. He ought to know what happened to her. However, as he grabbed the phone from the receiver, he noticed the lights were on in the barn. “That’s odd,” he said to himself, “why would the lights in the barn be on?”

Gripping tight around a flashlight in his hand, Thomas quickly crossed the dirt path from his house to the barn. As he approached the barn, he noticed shadows moving inside the barn. His walk became a jog but by the time he arrived at the door, he was furious.

“Oh Charlie, you’re the best.” Mary moaned and panted. Instantaneously, Thomas’s left hand curled into a fist while his right hand gripped the handle of the flashlight so tight that it looked as though he might snap the flashlight in half. He took five steps forward until he was standing in the middle of the entryway. Mary giggled, looked up at the entryway, and screamed. Charlie jumped, panicked. “Thomas, it’s not what you think.” Mary said quickly, wrapping a shawl around her body.

“Not what I think?” Thomas stepped forward, “I know what I saw. How could you?” He jabbed a finger at Mary and then took a hard swing at Charlie’s face.

“It’s not what you think!” Charlie said loudly as a gash appeared on his face. “You’re my best friend. I would never do this to you.”

Furious, Thomas pushed Charlie against one of the wooden columns. “How could you?!” He screamed ferociously while banging Charlie against the column. Then, all of a sudden, Charlie became rigid, his mouth gaped open like he was about to speak as a trail of blood flowed from the side of his head. Thomas staggered back a step, his mouth also opened though no words came out as Charlie fell like a stone. That’s when he realized, the bloodied spiked wheel hung above.

“How could you?” Mary sobbed, still standing by Charlie’s convertible. “He was your best friend. How could you do this to him?” Thomas took a step toward her. In that instance, she pulled a pistol from Charlie’s jacket and aimed the pistol at her husband’s chest. “Don’t you dare come near me.” She said with clenched teeth.

Instinctive, Thomas raised his hands, “Mary, you don’t want to do this.”

“Oh yes I do.” With a loud bang, Mary had pulled the trigger and as her husband fell, she turned the gun to herself and with her eyes full of tears, she pulled the trigger.


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