#writephoto – Transformation

He climbed to the top of the hill and leaned against the tree. He tore his shirt open as an attempt to stop the fiery pain in his chest.

The transformation, it is happening.

Breathing with agony, he gazed at the crescent moon. So this thing will happen every night? Full moon or not? He wondered and screamed as his inner wolf was fighting to get out.


His foot twisted involuntarily as his bones broke and shifted. After a few minutes, the pain subsided but to him, it felt like an eternity. He stood there on all fours, panting. He gazed up at the crescent moon once more before sucking a lungful of air and howled. The animal always wins.


14 thoughts on “#writephoto – Transformation

  1. Wow wonderful description of this guy becoming a werewolf. It appeals to the readers senses and gives this horrifically painful image of what happens every time he turns. Did you ever watch the show “The Vampire Diaries”? It ended this last year but this very much reminds me of when the character Tyler first becomes a werewolf (and then a werewolf and vampire hybrid). Great job.

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  2. Oooh! I like that last line and the way it pulls the whole scene together… “The animal always wins.” Also translates well to Japanese… Dōbutsutachi wa tsuneni yūsen shimasu yo. 動物性は常に優先しますよ。 Kind of… Animal-nature always prevails.

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