Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: The Solution

“Must you get back to the water?” Luke asked. 

“You know what happens if I’m not in the water by sun down.” Emma replied rhetorically. “Luke, I will see you tomorrow.” Luke gazed at Emma for a minute before he reluctantly nodded. Emma placed a hand against his cheek, tiptoed, and kissed him. “I love you.” She whispered and ran toward the water while Luke stood there. The moment she stepped into the water, her legs transformed into a large tail.

“I promise I will find a solution for this.” Luke muttered to himself as he saw Emma’s head surface above the water.

Luke returned to the beach the next morning. He was as excited as a child receiving presents on Christmas Day. The moment Emma surfaced with legs, he ran and kissed her hard on the lips. “Luke, what’s the occasion?” Emma asked the moment he let go.

“Come, I have something to show you!” He led her to a warehouse nearby. Inside was a giant tank filled with water.

“You built this for me?”

(~175 words)

I am participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer, where we write a piece between 100 and 150 words (more or less 25 words) in length inspired by the photo prompt above. 

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