Sunday Photo Fiction: Secret Santa

Based partially on my real life…

“I like to see his face when he opens my gift,” I mumble as I wrap the snow globe in shiny glittery paper. “He’ll think twice next time before he taunts me.”

A week ago, Miss HR announced all office staff must participate in a game of Secret Santa. I was more than happy to participate and luckily enough, I drew his name out of the basket. How fantastic. Ooh, I do hope he didn’t see my evil grin because that would had blown my cover. 

Maybe he’ll scream? That’ll teach him to place that silly rubber mouse on my desk. That’ll teach him not to taunt me with food even though the entire office knows I’m on a diet. Just him dangling a doughnut beneath my eyes makes me want to punch him in the face. I don’t regret not punching him in the face because this way better. 

Wait until he rips the wrapping paper to see that angry snowman in the snow globe. Oh revenge is so sweet. 

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A Response for Sunday Photo Fiction

5 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Secret Santa

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s scary per se. It’s the grumpy look on the snowman’s face that does not make it a good present but I can imagine some people screaming the first time they look at this grumpy snowman.

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