Sunday Photo Fiction: Sleepwalker


© Sascha Darlington

I shut my eyes, trying to think back to the dream I had the previous night. I could’ve sworn these were the exact gates in my dream and there was screaming, someone was being tortured not far beyond these gates. I opened my eyes and stared at the No Trespassing sign for a moment before heaving a sigh and turning away. Maybe it was just a dream.

However, as I took a step, I heard an eerie whisper. “Help me.” That was it, I made the split-second decision, spun around, and began climbing the fence. The only thing that was in my head was that someone needed me.

As I turned the corner, I spotted a building. Without another thought, I sprinted into the building. “Help!” The voice screamed and it took me a moment to realize the voice wasn’t in my head. There was a girl dangling from the ceiling. “Help!” She screamed.

I pressed the red button on the wall, which let the girl down. As she untied the rope around her ankles, I asked, “How did you come to this?”

“How?” She shrieked. “You did this to me, that’s how.”

I did this, how?

(197 words)

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