Sunday Photo Fiction: Halloween

Photo Credit: Anurag Bakhshi

“Catch me if you can.” Kristy smiled. 

Scott grabbed her hand before she could zoom off. “Just be careful, okay? We’re not the only ones coming out to play tonight. It’s Halloween which means for one night, witches, werewolf, vampires, and other supernatural creatures can be their true self.”

“Why do you always have to play the parent, Scott?” Kristy pouted.

Because I made you, Scott wanted to say but instead, he said. “Just be careful, okay?”

Kristy rolled her eyes, “Fine.”

A month ago, while out walking one night, Scott found Kristy in a ditch. For a long time, he had debated between turning her or taking her to the hospital. In the last seconds of her life, he reluctantly turned her into what he is – a night-walking-bloodsucking-vampire.

Kristy stopped suddenly. The scarecrow in front of a Spanish-style house caught her eyes. She tilted her head, there’s something about this, she thought and took a step forward.

“Kristy, no!’ Scott shouted. He knew exactly what that scarecrow was – a spell to keep supernatural creatures away. In full speed, Scott closed the distance, wrapped his arms around Kristy as the spell, like a bomb, tossed them back 50 feet.

(198 words)

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