Sunday Photo Fiction: Getaway

Photo Credit: Anurag Bakhshi

“Oh shut up.” I mutter and turn off my phone. My family or shall I say my mother’s family has been calling alternately, wanting to know where I am. I left late last night, just got into my car and just drove. I was wide awake then and I am still wide awake now with a jug of dark coffee resting in the cup holder next to me.

This wasn’t something spontaneous, believe me. I have been planning this for a while, a long while.

Three months before they arrived, my mother told me they would only stay for a month or two. Well, it’s been six months and I couldn’t take anymore of that. I have to shuttle them around like their personal driver and explain every little thing to them. They took over my house and life. I don’t even have any privacy or anything anymore.

I shift the car to a lower gear as I head downhill. I have been heading west for about 12 hours now with occasional breaks to stretch my legs and take some pictures. As the view stretches before me, I gasp, “Holy cow, what a gorgeous view!”

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