Sunday Photo Fiction: When Self-talker Meets Girl

Photo Credit: John Brand

Harry sprinted up the stairs and back down a moment later. “I can’t do this.” He muttered before muttering “Oh yes, you can,” and sprinted up the steps again. By the time he reached the landing, he was completely out of breath. “Aren’t you supposed to encourage me to do this sort of thing?” He shouted, head tilted upward.

Harry had been a self-talker since the second grade. He may seem insane to others but to him, those two characters – the angel and the devil – are very real and they help craft his every decision include this one.

Once he was no longer huffing and puffing, Harry pulled out a black box from his coat pocket. “I can’t believe this is happening. Think she’ll say yes?”

In the twenty-nine years he’s been alive, Harry had never expected to meet a girl like April, especially in a place like Italy. He’s not the kind of guy girls like April – smart, beautiful, and out of his league – would fall for.

The voices in his head were now in deep discussion. Harry groaned and shouted, “Will she say yes or no?”

“Well, maybe if I see the ring first.” April said behind him.

(200 words)

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16 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: When Self-talker Meets Girl

  1. I enjoyed this take on the prompt Yinglan. What will the girl really turn out to be like I wonder? Beautiful, smart and open-minded? Or is she a bit of a gold-digger? I’d be miffed if I proposed and the reply depended on what the ring looked like, rather than on what my intended wife thought of me!

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    1. I agree on the “bit of a gold-digger” part because of that last line but maybe, just maybe she might had meant it in a funny kind of way. And he might just be desperate enough to love her even if she’s a gold-digger. Thank you for reading. ๐Ÿ˜

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