Appointment of a Fun-sucker #writephoto #shortstory #flashfiction #humor

Credit: Sue Vincent

Wee, I laugh as I soar across the sky. This is fun, much more fun than being a human. Wee…

“Would you stop that?” Says a grumpy voice who can be none other than my fun-sucker of a brother. “You’re making me want to pee.”

Mentally, I sigh as I mount myself atop a tree.

Did you know birds are telepathic only among its own crew? It’s great and sucks in some ways, I think, like how my brother, mom, and dad can all hear what I think of the class hottie, Josh, and how I can hear my brother, Dan, constantly doing math in his head. Ugh.

How did I become a bird? A raven, to be specific? “Boys are crows, girls are ravens,” my mom says. I come from a long line of bird-turning, potion-mixing, magic-wielding witches. Cool, right?

I didn’t even know this until a week ago when I turned thirteen. I don’t know why being thirteen is so important but apparently, it’s an important age in the magic world. I…

“Hey, would you pa-lease stop babbling? You’re making my head hurt with your freakishly high voice.” Dan says.

“Oh yeah? Well, will you pa-lease stop doing math in head? You are making my head hurt with your numbers.” I snap back. “What are you doing here anyway? I don’t remember appointing you to be my flying instructor.”


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