Sunday Poser #84 – Going to the Beach

Do you love going to the beach/ seaside in summer?

I live in what is known as the intermountain west region of the United States. It’s land locked. The nearest beaches are either the Great Salt Lake or that of Bear Lake – a fresh lake about 90 minutes from me. Even there, the beach is full of rocks and shards of who knows what. I don’t recommend walking bare-feet on that beach. Ouch!

I have been the beach of the Great Salt Lake long ago before the current drought. Even then, the air at the beach stunk of brine. A few minutes at the beach and I ended up smelling like I’ve been soaking in brine for at least a few days. It was not a pleasant smell.

The last time I truly went to a beach was the summer of 2019 when I went to California. The air by the Pacific Ocean smelled 100-times better than the Great Salt Lake. It was so windy though, that it made me feel like I was about to be blown into the water. It’s the one other thing I don’t like the beach beside the expensive parking and the difficulty of finding a parking space.

So what is your preference? Do you enjoy the sea in summer or more so in winter when the beaches are less crowded?

I would not go the the beach in winter because in the summer, the beach is around 5 to 10 degrees cooler. So that would make it 5 to 10 degree colder in the winter. No thanks. I’d rather stay indoors and enjoy my hot cocoa.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #84 – Going to the Beach

  1. I like the beach too. We often go to a fishing village up the coast. This weekend just it was very cold and windy. You couldn’t even go on the beach as the waves were crazy. I like it though. Always makes you feel alive.

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  2. I worked a summer job when I was a teenager at the Great Salt Lake park, doing maintenance and painting the buildings (beach hut things). It does stink. But it’s a ‘dead’ body of water too (no outlet), whereas the ocean or sea is always moving and replenishing. Those brine shrimp are nasty except to a seagull when they’re lunch. Scientists as I understand things, use those shrimp for feeding some of their lab animals or for doing experiments on because they learn things about the ecosystem (I suppose) from doing that. I’ve been to a real beach as well in California. I came back with tar on my legs. 😠 because an oil tanker had spilled oil and it washed up and mixed with the sand and the water. Yuck.

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    1. I haven’t been out to the Great Salt Lake this year but I hear it’s worse than ever before with the drought and heard from the news if it continues, the air around the lake will become toxic to breathe. It’s sad to see all those natural landscapes – beaches, oceans, and lakes – are getting polluted.


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