Sunday Poser #94 – Activate the Creative Juices

What gets your creative juices running;, Images, questions, or word prompts?

Images and Q&A prompts are definitely two prompts I frequent the most. I’ve participated in word prompts in the past but found it difficult because I had a hard time pinpointing a story I want to tell.

Meanwhile, I find image prompts the most fun and the type of prompt that gets my creative juices flowing. I think it’s because I’m a visual learner and a visual person in general. I tend to understand thing better in pictures than in words. If you show me a picture of something, I would almost immediately have an assumption about the picture and then a story would be formed.

Q&A prompts are my second favorite type of the prompts. Like image prompts, they, too, help get my creative juices running, but unlike image prompts where I’m given an image, I’m given a bunch of words. As I mentioned, I’m a visual person and tend to understand things better in visual formats. So even though this type of prompt is equally fun as an image prompt, they do take me a while longer as I have to analyze the questions and then think of a scenario that applies.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #94 – Activate the Creative Juices

  1. I’ve always struggled with one-word prompts. Staring at a random word on the page just doesn’t inspire me. I need more words, lol, so I prefer story starter challenges. I like photo prompts too. Like the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I can always think up a story to go with it, especially if the picture is really intriguing or mysterious. I don’t like questions though. Idk, I’m weird lol. My mind always goes blank when I’m asked a question. I don’t think I’m all that interesting 😂

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    1. I struggle with those, too. I love story starter challenges. I remember there was one a few years ago, which I really liked, and I think there’s one now but I just haven’t been able to find the time to do the challenges.
      I agree, a picture is worth a thousand words and I think that’s what’s so great about photo prompts. Each story is different.
      Haha, too many questions make my mind go blank. So I try not to do too many in a week even though they are fun. Even fun has its limits. 😀

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