Sunday Poser #96 – Driving Style

What’s your driving style?

What is your driving style? Are you a risk taker or a careful driver?

I took and passed my driving test in 2009, one year after I was supposed to because my mom was hesitant to get me on the road. She waited at my high school while I took my driving test and as I got out of the car, she rushed to my driving instructor, “Did she pass?”

The driving instructor had to take a step back but he smiled, “Yes, she passed but she was being too cautious on the road. Maybe too cautious.”

Though I can’t be sure whether my driving style has changed from “too cautious” to cautious to risky over the years, one thing I’m sure, I love to drive. It’s that freedom of the road thing and the fact that I can literally go anywhere on land with a car. My favorite places to go involve losing cell signal even though it seems like a risky move but it’s a risk I’d be willing to take if it meant some alone time with my thoughts.

Even with my recent accident, I still love to drive. In fact, I’ve already gotten back on the road and it felt great. My only current obstacles are my difficulty to look at my car and my mom. The first obstacle should resolve itself once I return from my vacation and pick up my repaired car from the shop. The second obstacle, well, I think that might be permanent.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #96 – Driving Style

  1. Thanks for sharing Yinglan! Yes, over cautious can be dangerous too. But accidents happen too us all so don’t take it to heart. It is a liberating feeling, driving away from all the troubles.

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