Sunday Poser #125 – Favorite Topic

Do you have a favorite topic that you write about often?

I think I tend to circle around a couple of topics here on my blog – garden, the going-ons of my life, fiction, and photography. Picking my favorites among these is like asking me to pick my favorite plant – impossible. They are all my favorites because otherwise, why write about them?

I’ll admit though, I’ve recently grown to love sharing gardening knowledge on my blog. I think there’s not enough gardening aficionados in my life like if I handed my mom or a relative a gorgeous ripened off the vine tomato, they won’t appreciate it. In fact, they’d be confused to my enthusiasm for the beauty of nature.

For many moons, my favorite topic to write about had been the going-ons in my life. It isn’t that I wanted to share my life with anyone. It’s just I must bottle so much in my day-to-day that when it comes to writing, all those inner thoughts would come pouring onto the page. I guess that’s what made it so easy.

I think I’ve mentioned many times before that I’m an optimist, probably the incurable kind. So writing fiction, making up all these characters are most likely my imagination’s manifestation of all the different kinds of lives I could be leading if I’m not tied down by my current situation. Mostly, I write fiction as a form of escape. Who doesn’t want to escape reality just a few moments each day?

Finally, photography, need I say more…


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