100 Word Wednesday: Camping Trip

Melanie rests her chin on her hands on the window ledge of her father’s car. Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: Camping Trip”

100 Word Wednesday: Another Match, Another Win

Image by Matheus Ferrero

“Daddy, I want to be like her someday.” She said, pointing at the woman in the poster. Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: Another Match, Another Win”

100 Word Wednesday: 20 years later…

Photo by Boudewijn Huysmans

I saw him. There’s no mistaking him. Beside the peppery gray hair and the stubble around his mouth, he looked the same as he was twenty years ago. Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: 20 years later…”

100 Word Wednesday: Scene: Sadie and Mandy

Photo by Jenni Jones

“Can I light it now?” He asked excitedly. Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: Scene: Sadie and Mandy”

100 Word Wednesday: Natural Artist

“Look at her, that’s all she knows how to do.” She could hear them whispering behind her but she ignored them. Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: Natural Artist”

100 Word Wednesday: The Proposal

Image Credit: Brooke Lark

“I didn’t know you can cook,” she said as he brought two plates of pasta to the table.  Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: The Proposal”

100 Word Wednesday: Backpacking

Image Credit Brevitē

Scattered on his bedroom floor were a backpack, at least six cameras, portable hard-drives, headphones, and a couple of batteries. Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: Backpacking”

100 Word Wednesday: The other side of a Star

Image Credit Hybrid

As TJ listened to the crowd’s cheering, he bowed his head and closed his eyes. Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: The other side of a Star”

100 Word Wednesday: A Beautiful Dream

Image Credit: Heather Sanders

This is a dream, it’s got to be. This cannot be real, must be a place created from my imagination. Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: A Beautiful Dream”

100 Word Wednesday: Saturday Morning

Image Credit: Brooke Lark

She woke to the wonderful aroma of eggs and coffee and as she sat up, he entered with a tray balanced on top of his muscular arm. Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: Saturday Morning”

100 Word Wednesday: Mystery Photo Game

“What are you doing?” Samantha asked her best friend Kylie one evening as they were hanging out. Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: Mystery Photo Game”

100 Word Wednesday: An Eureka Moment

“Objects in mirror are closer than they appear, what the heck does that mean?” Kelsey asked.  Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: An Eureka Moment”

100 Word Wednesday: A Changed World

Sitting on the floor of a dark cold cell, the day certainly did not start out this way. Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: A Changed World”

100 Word Wednesday: His Calling

Credit: Don Naman Photography

Before he found his calling in Rock n’ Roll, he was an elementary school math teacher, Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: His Calling”

100 Word Wednesday: Idle Thoughts

When are they going to finish taking their pictures? Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: Idle Thoughts”

100 Word Wednesday: Wanted

Photo by Jane

The moment I entered, all the camera immediately trained on me and at once, two dozen soldiers ran toward me carrying rifles. Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: Wanted”

100 Word Wednesday: Grandma’s Antique Shop

My grandma used to tell me this story about how she owned an antique shop in Europe during second World War. Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: Grandma’s Antique Shop”

100 Word Wednesday: Routine Showcase

Credit: Nicolas Picard

Everyone stared as I set up my camera gear around the park, as well they had never seen a girl my size at a skate park. “Uh, what are you doing?” One of the kids came over and asked.  Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: Routine Showcase”

100 Word Wednesday: Rash Decisions

His life is full of rash decisions. One after another, he made his decisions in a snap of a finger including this one. Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: Rash Decisions”

100 Word Wednesday: Secret Meeting

Image Credit Jesse Williams

Somewhere in New York, 1920’s

In a hidden alley behind the Pearl Dinner, she waited in a trench coat over her long black dress. Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: Secret Meeting”

100 Word Wednesday: The Island

Image Credit Ales Krivec

She was desperate to get off the island, the island which she had built entirely using the magic on the island. Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: The Island”

100 Word Wednesday: That day

Photo By Bikurgurl

That afternoon changed my life forever. I had arrived to pick my son up from school when I noticed the long line outside the school. Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: That day”

100 Word Wednesday: Searching…

Image Credit: Felix Russel-Saw

Note: 100% Fiction! Continue reading “100 Word Wednesday: Searching…”