Sunday Photo Fiction: The Meaning of a Charm

Photo Credit: Anurag Bakhshi

December 25, 2146, Seaside Village, Historic North Carolina

In gray stockings and a wool dress draped around her ankles, eleven-year-old Lula opened the door and stepped out of the two-bedroom rambler she and her parents have called home all their lives. Sucking in a deep breath, Lula glanced around the white-washed, orange-roof village. It had been days since everyone had been permitted to step outside but days is always better than the months and sometimes years to be stuck indoors due to frequent acid rainstorms.

“Hello, Lula.” Mrs. Baker from next door greeted.

Lula shielded her eyes from the sun and smiled, “Hello, Mrs. Baker. Are you off to the market?” She asked, noticing the basket hanging from Mrs. Baker’s elbow.

“Ah yes, I’m afraid this quarantine has depleted our food storage. Well, I’ll see you later, dear.” Mrs. Baker turned but paused, “Oh, I almost forgot.” She patted the pocket of her gray dress similar to Lula’s and produced a small metallic charm with the phrase, “Merry Christmas!” Lula stared at it, frowned, unable to recognize its meaning.

December 25, 2156

Standing on the beach by her home, now twenty-one, Lula stares at the charm in her hand, still perplexed, “What does this mean?”

(201 words)

A Response for Sunday Photo Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction: Fly or else

Photo Credit: Sunday Photo Fiction

“No,” Manny said, sitting on the bed with his arms folded, “No way I’m flying. It’s only to Boise, can’t we just save some money and drove there? I’ll bet it’s quicker than go through customs and bag check.”  Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Fly or else”

Sunday Photo Fiction: When Self-talker Meets Girl

Photo Credit: John Brand

Harry sprinted up the stairs and back down a moment later. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: When Self-talker Meets Girl”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Painful Hallucinations

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

As his consciousness surfaced, Jack opened his eyes to see a woman smiling back at him. He gasped, “Who are you?”, scooting as far back as he could go. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Painful Hallucinations”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Getaway

Photo Credit: Anurag Bakhshi

“Oh shut up.” I mutter and turn off my phone. My family or shall I say my mother’s family has been calling alternately, wanting to know where I am. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Getaway”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Halloween

Photo Credit: Anurag Bakhshi

“Catch me if you can.” Kristy smiled.  Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Halloween”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Late Night Thoughts

Photo Credit: Fandango

Note: My mom’s family are immigrating to the U.S. from China and they are supposed to come at the end of this year or early next year. They are all moving into my house and these are thoughts I predict I will be having (though probably not during late-night showers) since there will be 7 other people living in my house. I also imagine I will feel quite claustrophobic in such situation. 

Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Late Night Thoughts”

Sunday Photo Fiction: The Darkness Return

Photo Credit: James Pyle

Lydia grabs the photo on the fireplace mantle. The photo shows a little girl in the garden. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: The Darkness Return”

Sunday Photo Fiction: True Calling

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

“There are so many twists and turns in life.” Susanna says, “and when life serves you a lemon, you will try to make the best lemonade there is.” She chuckles nervously while the camera-guy stares at her with confusion. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: True Calling”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Bad Dream

© Mike Vor

“Mister, are you all right?” I looked down and saw a little girl pulling at my pant leg. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Bad Dream”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Sleepwalker


© Sascha Darlington

I shut my eyes, trying to think back to the dream I had the previous night. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Sleepwalker”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Secret Santa

Based partially on my real life… Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Secret Santa”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Dear Autumn

September 29, 2016

Dear Autumn,

I want to thank you. Because of you, I met the most perfect guy today. It was while I was walking in the park, admiring the trees’ ever-changing colors. Autumn has always been my favorite season. I guess I’m attracted to dead leaves. 😄

Anyway, I was gazing up at the tree and wasn’t watching where I was going. I walked into this guy with his coffee and dog. “Oh, I’m so sorry.” I said as I stared ghastly at his coffee-stained shirt.

“It’s okay,” he said softly, “I have hundreds of shirts at home.” That was when I looked up and met his eyes and was mesmerized. It was like looking at liquid emerald. “Hi,” he smiled like a movie star, “I’m Andy.”

I opened my mouth but nothing came out. “I-I’m Grace.” He smiled again which caused me to drown in love and happiness.

* * * * * * *

September 30, 2017

Dear Autumn,

I want to thank you. Because of you, my heart is broken into a million pieces. Andy and I returned to the spot we met a year ago and there, he told me he’d met someone even more special. I was wrong about you. You’re not my favorite season.

(200 words)

A Response for Sunday Photo Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction: Witness Protection

© John Robinson

“So how did you love-birds meet?” Lucy sipped her wine.  Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Witness Protection”

Sunday Photo Fiction: House on the River

After looking at more than thirty houses in the last three months, Ed and Kendra had just about enough. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: House on the River”

Sunday Photo Fiction: You Lose

Well, this day just gets better and better, I thought sarcastically as I raced across the field where three cups perched on its wooden stands. What do I do now? Play spin the cup like a circus clown?  Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: You Lose”

Sunday Photo Fiction: A Spy’s Meeting Place

© J Hardy Carroll

“Where did you go?” His girlfriend asked, arms folded, eyes narrowed, interrogation-style. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: A Spy’s Meeting Place”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Day of Destruction

©A Mixed Bag 2009

It was six decades ago when humans invaded my village. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Day of Destruction”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Unforgettable

© Mike Vore

I have visited this property once every years ever since my Uncle Billy died. Now, an empty and broken structure sitting at the corner of Main Street and First Avenue, this was once the neighborhood gathering spot and my home. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Unforgettable”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Cheater

One week earlier…

“Weston? What are you doing here? It’s 3 AM.” I rubbed my eyes. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Cheater”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Slow Torture


As his vision slowly returned, three women stood arms folded before him, all donned in black leather. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Slow Torture”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Don’t You Know?


“Honey, I’m home!” Ross ran into the house and slammed the door.  Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Don’t You Know?”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Revenge


On a cold winter night, in the depth of the woods, a scream pierced the air.  Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Revenge”