Sunday Photo Fiction: Mount Venus


I understood the risks when I decided to move here to be with my husband – that there was a chance this town would become another Pompeii. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Mount Venus”

Sunday Photo Fiction: The Mission


“Do you understand your assignment?” The agent nodded. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: The Mission”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Secret Ink


“How are you feeling, Reina?” My counselor asked. I shrugged. “Today’s the tenth anniversary of your mother’s death.” Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Secret Ink”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Destruction


In the middle of the night, banging and hurrying footsteps woke us up. The landlord was evacuating everyone in the building. “Planes had been spotted just outside the city,” He shouted, “They are coming!”  Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Destruction”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Perfect Protagonist


She peered around the corner and spoke into her mouth piece, “What do you see up ahead?” Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Perfect Protagonist”

Sunday Photo Fiction: The Study


Hesitant, I turned the knob of her grandfather’s study. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: The Study”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Followed

Credit: A Mixed Bag

“Who is it?” Sean asked from inside the room.  Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Followed”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Spring


For the first time in months, she managed to peek outside. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Spring”

Sunday Photo Fiction: How a Bad Day Must Feels Like


Someone screamed, snapping me back to reality, you need to run, my brain told me as I looked up and watched a million shards of glass hurling toward me like rain. Then, the strangest thing happened. It was like everything stopped, like everyone had become frozen in time while every piece of glass from the building fell slowly upon them.

I guess that’s what a bad day must feel like. It begins with a splitting headache and high-pitched ringing and this is the cherry on top of icing. Or did I know this was coming? Maybe my head’s been giving me a dozen signs. Maybe with the headache, it’s been telling me to stay home. Maybe my defiance will be what gets me killed.

As I sat in the farthest corner of the courtyard at lunch, I took a long minute to record my observations around me. Where is that ringing coming from? People all around seemed to be oblivious by it. It began to feel like something or someone was toying with me, trying to drive me to insanity. I shook my head. “This is not real.” I muttered with clenched teeth.

Exhausted, I stood up and walked toward the building. I was three steps from the revolving doors when I suddenly knew but I had foolishly chosen to look up.

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Sunday Photo Fiction: Chances


He followed me and begged. “Just one more chance, please.”

I grabbed my purse and threw my hands up. “I’ve given you a hundred chances but you blew it. I’m sorry but that’s it.” I grabbed my son, Michael’s hand. “Come on, baby.” Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Chances”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Daydream


“Welcome to my ranch!” She said excitingly as she showed him around. “Here you can see my newly renovated stable and this is,” she pulled out a perfectly groom white horse, “Gypsy.”

“Wow,” he said, “impressive,” he glanced around the stable, “and you did all this?”

“Of course,” she climbed onto Gypsy and patted behind her, “come on, get on.”

He stared with wide eyes, “you know how to ride too?”

She rolled her eyes, “It’s not that hard. It’s just like learning to ride a bike.” She patted behind her again, “Are you getting on or what?” He rolled his eyes and climbed on. The horse wobbled under the sudden extra weight but it adapted quick as they rode out of the stable to the field. The walk turned into a run and soon their landscape changed into a wild flower scattered green field.

The horse came to a complete stop. “All right,” he said, “ready to go back to work?”

She scoffed, “I don’t have to work.”

“Then who’s going to finish painting the stable?”

“But the stable’s all fixed.”

He scoffed. “In your dreams.” She frowned and blinked. It was really a dream? Aww…

(197 words)

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Sunday Photo Fiction: The Captive


Stumbling along the downtown street in the middle of the night, he breathed hard as sweat drizzled down his face while fighting the sharp pain at the side of his abdomen. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: The Captive”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Wedding Disaster

126-10-october-18th-2015Continue from this story

Note: This is 100% fiction!

“Erg!” My sister screams and stomps out of the house. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Wedding Disaster”

Sunday Photo Fiction: The Night Before…

125-10-october-11th-2015Note: This is 100% fiction!

I can hear the gravel crushing beneath as the tires roll along the seemingly unpaved road. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: The Night Before…”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Can’t Stand the Fights

124-10-october-4th-2015Note: This is 100% fiction written in a seventeen-year-old’s point-of-view.

Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Can’t Stand the Fights”

Sunday Photo Fiction: The Girl in Red

122-09-september-20th-2015Her dress billowed as she twirled and danced aimlessly in the middle of the busy New York street. Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: The Girl in Red”

Sunday Photo Fiction: The Green Gem

121-09-september-13th-2015Note: No matter how I yearn for this situation to come true, this remains 100% fiction.  Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: The Green Gem”

Sunday Photo Fiction: The Consequence

120-09-september-6th-2015Note: This is a fantasy that’s been stuck in my head forever, ever since a few years ago when I started obsessing with the supernatural world. Before you ask, yes, my step-father drove a truck and yes, the narrator is me but none of the events happened in the story. THIS IS 100% FICTION!!!

This isn’t the complete story by the way. I will be posting that soon. Stay Tune! Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: The Consequence”

Tribute to a Father

114-07-july-26th-2015Note: This is 100% fiction. 

As a boy, my dad would sit in the middle of his father’s field and watch the airplanes fly by. No matter how many times his father had told him how dangerous it was to watch the airplanes, he did it anyway. Continue reading “Tribute to a Father”

The Runaway

112-07-july-12th-2015The boat approached the bridge. “Are you nervous at all?” Captain Stephen asked. Continue reading “The Runaway”

The Day After

111-07-july-5th-2015Bryn wakes with a pounding in her head. Continue reading “The Day After”

Fight On

110-06-june-21st-2015Note: This is 100% Fiction! Continue reading “Fight On”


109-06-june-14th-2015“Nothing really change here, do they?” Continue reading “Stay”