Behind This is Another Story

This isAnother Story 1

Life is just a story with many chapters.

Each day, we write in journals, to complain about our day, to reflect upon the good and the bad, that is another story.

When we feel down or sad, we write a poem or a song, that is another story.

The places we visit on our travel, the photographs we take, those are just another story.


This is the purpose of this blog, a place to tell those stories, a place to share those stories.

Besides writing my own stories, I participate in various flash fiction, writing, and photo challenges:

There is a possibility I will open this blog to guest blogger. So if you are interested, please use the contact form below.

A few notes:

Award Nominations: please link your post to the Wall of Achievement or comment below to notify me. I cannot guarantee I will do the award posts but I’ll try.

You can also click on Short Stories, Flash Fiction, or Gallery on the top menu to read my Short Stories, Flash Fiction, and various photographs.

I hope you have or will enjoy browsing this site and I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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