I Made It!


I made it! Continue reading “I Made It!”

Healthy with Tiny Problems


I often tell my aunt and mom I am healthy with tiny problems. Continue reading “Healthy with Tiny Problems”

Another Incident with Manners

My first incident with public manner was about three years ago (and I wrote about it) and for a long time, this subject had escaped my mind but recently, it came flying back like a boomerang. Continue reading “Another Incident with Manners”

One of Those Days


Today has been one of those days. Continue reading “One of Those Days”

Thursday Morning


This morning I woke up and realized the house ice cold. Continue reading “Thursday Morning”

The Daring Task

Okay, here’s the thing – I am daring yet I have a minor fear of heights and a great fear of falling. Continue reading “The Daring Task”



I want to thank my blogging friends for the birthday greetings on Facebook and the award nominations on WordPress. You truly made my day.  Continue reading “Saturday”

3 reasons why I love Fall

Ah, autumn, the season where the leaves are turning colors and falling and the temperatures are slowly going from warm to chilly to freezing. Continue reading “3 reasons why I love Fall”

What a day!

I was shivering with anger by the time I arrived home today. You would too if you had spent the day stuck in traffic and playing detour. Continue reading “What a day!”

41st First Day

carlos-boozer-quote-i-felt-like-the-first-day-of-school-or-somethingYou would think that after 40 first days of school, I would be some sort of expert by the 41st first day of school. Still, the fear continued.  Continue reading “41st First Day”


wpid-cheating-on-test-raw-multimediaIn 6th grade, I thought I was wrongly accused of cheating on a spelling test. Continue reading “Cheating”

A Quiet Exit

hqdefaultMost people would consider me a tolerant person because I don’t get angry easily, because no matter how much I hurt, I hold it in, and because I never unleash my anger on anyone. Continue reading “A Quiet Exit”

It’s almost over, carry on

il_430xN.92370863112016 has been a long year and this feels like the longest summer of my life. Continue reading “It’s almost over, carry on”

The Strangest Dreams

At the end of July, I wrote about a vivid and dramatic dream I had about my mom and I vacationing on an island. Continue reading “The Strangest Dreams”


3C5FWY4F9B631C48C634D5mxEver since I bought my plane ticket for China last month, I’ve been craving Chinese food. Continue reading “Craving”

Dramatic Dream

I woke up this morning with a blast of sunshine in my eyes after forgetting to close the blinds before heading to bed last night. Continue reading “Dramatic Dream”

Why is Quitting so Hard?

DifferentWaysToQuitYourJobFull“I’m quitting.” How hard was that to say? Continue reading “Why is Quitting so Hard?”

Second Time is Easier?


Have you ever hear of the phrase, the second time will be easier than the first time? This saying did not hold true for me yesterday. Continue reading “Second Time is Easier?”

Journey Home

After over a decade, I’m once again making a journey to the place I have roamed all those years before I came to the U.S. Continue reading “Journey Home”

What’s in a Name?

Did I tell you about the time when I had to make the decision of whether to keep my Chinese name or take an English name? Continue reading “What’s in a Name?”



I would love to go to a place like in the picture right now, with rapid flowing water generating a cool breeze in this sweltering heat. Continue reading “Water…”


annoyedToday is the first day of the second block of the summer semester and my emotions have been all over the place: sleep deprivation, exhaustion from taking tests, joy deprivation not to mention very annoyed. Continue reading “Deprived”

Pure Mountainous


This is Utah. You are always surrounded by mountain ranges, one after another and most of the time, you’ll find yourself driving toward a mountain but never reaching it. Continue reading “Pure Mountainous”