Sunday Poser #94 – Activate the Creative Juices

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Lens-Artists Challenge #136: Subjects that Begins with the Letter S

This week, for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #136, we are challenged to find a photo that contains a subject which begins with the letter S. I decided to get creative with this photo. Hope you like it.

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The Thing with Wi-Fi Extenders

Did you know Wi-Fi Extenders don’t speed up or slow down internet? It merely boost the router’s signal so all the nooks and crannies in a house get great wi-fi signal.

Try telling that to my mom.

*rolling eyes and shaking head*

It was a long work day yesterday. I worked for almost 10 hours, encountering problem after problem while my head was still on holiday mode even though I didn’t really experienced any holiday spirit this past week.

The moment my mom found out I’m off the clock, she stomped out of her room and yanked the wi-fi extender out of the wall. I didn’t even hear it. All I heard were stomp, stomp, stomp, a dull thud, and a door slam. Next thing I knew, my wi-fi extender was on the floor.

The night before, like almost every night since I bought the extender, she had complained, “Your damn thing is making the internet slow. I can’t even watch my YouTube videos.” Wah wah wah…

Do you know why I had to get this extender in the first place?

Because the wi-fi signal in my room stinks. The connection is dropping unpredictably during work days – on my laptop, on my phone, even Alexa ignores me as the result of a dropped connection.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Is it possible mom’s taking up my bandwidth. On a typical workday, she’s got 4 devices connected to wi-fi, all streaming videos at the same time. My internet usage app says she spends an average of 15 hours a day streaming YouTube.

It’s crazy, right? Yeah, it’s crazy.

Meanwhile, I’m stuck in my room with my laptop and phone listening to downloaded stuff from Audible, anxiously anticipating the next time my wi-fi connection drops while praying it’s not during a call.

Oh yeah, my internet dropped during a very important call last month. I lost 5 minutes of important conversation trying to get back online. That’s 5 minutes during which I could’ve discussed work stuff that’s been on my mind but instead, by the time I got back online, my boss informed me he’s late for another meeting and gotta go.

And she has the guts to call me selfish. I pay all the bills even though she uses a majority of the utilities. You know what she told me last week, she’s not helping me with the bills (not that she has), she’s putting 65% of her paycheck into retirement. This will probably mean I need to work more overtime hours to give my meager paycheck a boost.

So Random: Pencil vs Mechanical Pencil

So I have recently started writing on paper again. After such a long time of just typing my thoughts out on a Word document, I was surprised that my hands still knew how to hold a pencil or how to write with one.

It was, as people say, just like riding a bicycle, which is a poor analogy as I don’t know how to ride a bicycle – poor hand-eye coordination, blah blah blah…

Anyway, as I said, I began writing with a pencil (just a good old pencil) and it made me wonder why I ever switched to a mechanical pencil. The simple answer would be pencil sorta became outdated in the mid-90’s (around the time I was in elementary school). I guess all the sharpening and lead breakage got on people’s nerves.

My early experience with a mechanical pencil was a frustrating one – NO ONE told me I was supposed to insert the lead from the side with the eraser, not trying to jam the lead through the tiny opening of the lead-clamp (the small metal piece that was supposed to clamp the lead in place. Let’s just say I broke a lot of lead and ended up with black fingers most of the time.

After I learned (finally) to operate a mechanical pencil, I never went back to the pencil (even though I was strangely gifted with a lot of very weird-looking and sparkly pencils) until these last two weeks, which leads me to this post.

What I like about using a good old pencil:

  • No hand-cramps – for some reason, my hand cramps up after about 10, 15 minutes of writing with a mechanical pencil
  • Nice and light – if you hold a good old pencil in hand and a mechanical pencil in the other, you’ll notice the difference in weight
  • Lead doesn’t break easily

Compare that to a mechanical pencil:

  • No need to sharpen every 30 minutes – a piece of lead can be used for quite a while but definitely need to watch out for the type of lead as not all pencil lead are made equal
  • The tip doesn’t become blunt which, in turn, makes the color of the writing lighter in color.
  • It doesn’t get shorter like the good old pencil – it can literally last forever if you treat it right

People may ask, “Why not use a pen, like a normal person?”

Well, unless your thoughts are perfectly clear and not jumbled like mine, go ahead with a pen. I am sticking with the pencil so I don’t have to use a whiteout on every other word I write.

Photo of the Day!

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Inspiration for Storytellers

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Piano Progress #4

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Piano Progress #3

Piano ProgressWow, so it’s been almost a month since I shared my piano progress. Continue reading “Piano Progress #3”

Piano Progress #2

Piano ProgressWell, it’s been almost a month since I began playing the piano again after 9 years and so far, I think it’s having a good effect on me. My memory is beginning to improve, my typing is getting faster, and I’m happier. 🙂

I’m making my way through the piano book which I used to learn to play the piano the first time and so far, it’s going fine. I’m already learning Amazing Grace, which is the last song in the book. I’m an overachiever, I learn the hardest song first. Besides, I used to play Amazing Grace a hundred times a day, so it shouldn’t take long for my tiny fingers to relearn the song.

Anyway, last time, I said three of my favorite songs to play on the piano 9 years ago are Greensleeves, Auld Lang Syne, and Scarborough Fair. I guess you can call them my childhood anthems. Well, I’ve mastered all three songs! Scarborough Fair was the toughest of the three. It took me a week to get my hands to play the right notes. The eighth note really messes me up. No matter, I got it at last. I just kept humming and playing until my fingers played the correct notes.

Here is the recording of me playing Scarborough Fair. I decided to use the “vibe” setting on my electric piano just because I think it sound better than the piano.

I’m not sure if the sound will be loud enough. I tried to reduce a little of the noises in the background but unsuccessful. I’ve also been trying to find a way to connect the piano to my computer so the recording will come out clearer and the background noise will be reduced to a minimum but as you might have guessed, school’s been super busy. Maybe later.

Thanks for reading.

Piano Progress #1

Piano ProgressSo it’s been about a week since I got my new (old) electric piano and so far, I’ve been playing it a lot and I think I’m improving quite quickly based on the fact that I haven’t played in almost a decade. My mom says I shouldn’t praise myself too much. She thinks praising oneself is bad but who cares. Sometimes, a little praise can go a long way.

I guess what they say it’s true though. “It’s just like getting back onto a bicycle.”  I got my old piano book back from my friend last weekend and so far, although my fingers are still not as flexible as they should be, I can already play one of my three favorite songs from the book.

Here is me playing the song: Greensleeves. It is one of my favorites and one of four songs that I used to play a lot. The other three are Auld Lang Syne, Scarborough Fair, and Canon in D.  Now that I’ve started playing again, I couldn’t stop humming those songs. It’s crazy!

It took me many tries before I got it down perfect, by the way. Every time, it was either a single note or a single chord that messed up the entire recording. I curse my bad memory and lack of confident fingers. It’s beginning to feel calming once again and I hope that by playing the piano, it will help ease my anxiety and at the same time, spark and flourish my imagination and creativity.

Daily Prompt – Flourish

Reflection Over Coffee #19

Okay, this is the last episode before this show goes on a break. That’s why I decided to do a cross-over. So I can do one comic for two shows. That’s right, The Foreshadower will be going on a break as well. The comics will be back in 4 weeks, after all my finals and the A-Z challenge is done.
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Reflection Over Coffee #18

For the first time ever, my real-life friend, Kat, is a special guest the show. This conversation about how she’s stressed out actually exist and not in my imagination. We texted back-and-forth and I borrowed the texts and translated into dialogues which made this comic extra easy to do. Hope you enjoy.
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Reflection Over Coffee #17

You would not believe what happened last week at school. Everyone’s telling me to vote vote vote for them!
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Reflection Over Coffee #16

*Yawn* so sleepy. I think I have post-spring-break sickness. Couldn’t spring break last just a bit longer?
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Reflection Over Coffee #15

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Reflection Over Coffee #14

My gosh! What a mess my co-host made last week but I fixed it. I liked the colors and stuck with it. This week’s edition is all about cleaning up. Have a great Monday and enjoy. 🙂
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Reflection Over Coffee #13

Happy President’s Day to people in the U.S. We get an extra day for our weekend. Woo Hoo. For that reason, I am ditching this week’s Reflection over Coffee (shh, don’t tell my co-host) and let my co-host, Angela take over. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of surprises. I just hope Angela won’t mess up the stage. I wouldn’t want to return next week to a train wreck. 😉
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Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Lines and Angles


I originally had two pictures I want to put into this post but I changed my mind. The other one looked weird and I think this picture will do all that I need even though I thought it looked less overexposed on my tablet. So this week’s topic is lines and angles. Continue reading “Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Lines and Angles”

Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Snow and Sunset

The topic this week is anything that starts with the letter S. It took me a while as the only word that came to me was “snow” but eventually, I’ve come up with these pictures. I hope you enjoy. 🙂 Continue reading “Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Snow and Sunset”

New Year Inspirational Quote #2

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New Year Inspirational Quote #1

I can’t take it anymore! I have to do it. I have to fulfill my promise to my fellow bloggers. It’s been too long. So to start, I’d want to thank these three awesome bloggers for nominating me for this challenge. Continue reading “New Year Inspirational Quote #1”

Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Lights

I’ve learned that sometimes, black and white doesn’t look as good of a picture as it should, that sometimes I have to get creative.
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Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Buildings

I’ve been meaning to participate in more photography challenges but I just couldn’t find the time to really organize my pictures. I know, excuses excuses excuses, but I’ve found the time this week to do that. So may I present my gallery of black and white building.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge