Blog Rewind: Interesting yet confusing Chinese food ingredient names

Two weeks ago, I did my very first post for a series called “Blog Rewind.” It’s where I look back at some of my oldest posts and I am liking the idea very much. That’s why I’m doing another one today. Continue reading “Blog Rewind: Interesting yet confusing Chinese food ingredient names”

Blog Rewind: A Wild Wild January

I wrote and published this story in February 2013 and since winter has suddenly returned, I think this will be an appropriate post for this edition of Blog Rewind. 

So here it is, A Wild Wild January:

It is finally February, the weather in January this year had been so wild.  As I was watching the weather report last night on the news, I couldn’t help thinking that I actually experienced that.  I mean last year was so warm and dry that we experienced drought in the summer.  Last month alone, there were 20 something days of snow, 30 days of haze and fog, and 1 day of freezing rain.  Not to mention the subzero temperatures that are rarely faced in Salt Lake City.  Worst of all, I had to take 2 weather days off school, which I’d never had to do.

Still, as I saw the snow pack total on the news last night, I just couldn’t believe when the weatherman announced that the snowpack total is only 84%  for the month of January.  I was like, 84%, the snow piles are as tall as a person outside my home.  Someone in my neighborhood even had enough snow to make a large cute snow dog.

This picture was taken early January, trust me, there is a whole lot more now.  Even this week alone, we received about half of foot of snow.  Well, it’s been snowing nonstop from Sunday to Wednesday, what do you expect.  Yesterday was started to get better and hopefully it will continue this way.  I am so tired from shoveling all this snow that I am ready for it to end and hope that there won’t be another freezing rain storm soon.

This winter had been a long one and I am looking forward for it to end.  By the way, did anyone catch the news about Ground Hog Day on Saturday?  How soon will Spring Be here?