Blog Rewind: Interesting yet confusing Chinese food ingredient names

Two weeks ago, I did my very first post for a series called “Blog Rewind.” It’s where I look back at some of my oldest posts and I am liking the idea very much. That’s why I’m doing another one today. Continue reading “Blog Rewind: Interesting yet confusing Chinese food ingredient names”

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Out of Place and Stuffed

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Don’t Poison Me!!!

Last week, in a test to see if I can manage to cook for my aunt and cousin when they get here, mom made me cook chicken wings. Not just any chicken wings but chicken wings with a Chinese Pickle Marinade which it’s delicious. I don’t know how my mom usually cook it because I’ve never made an effort to watch. But I’ve cooked it several times while she was out of town so I have my own way of making this dish.

When mom came home that day, I told her proudly that we’re having marinaded chicken wings for dinner. Her initial reaction was I had wings for lunch.

Then she went to the stove, lifted the lid to see the chicken.  “That is a big pot of chicken wings. Why didn’t you make another bag?” I scratched my head and went like, you just said it’s a big pot.

She asked me how I made it. I told her I dumped a whole bottle of the marinade plus half a bottle of water. She winced. “Water? You are not supposed to put water in there! Now there won’t be any taste!”

Is this what I get after two hours of cooking? This was how I usually make it and it’s never turned out wrong. A part of me suddenly feel like maybe it’ll turn out bland and tasteless. Perhaps I failed this time.

At dinnertime, mom poured all the marinade down the drain and placed the wings in a bowl. “Don’t poison me.” She said before tasting the wing. She was afraid of a lot of things like the cleanliness when I cooked it like whether or not I washed my hands. I’m not a slop, mom, I tried to tell her. She took a bite, “mmm, not bad.”

I took a bite too and it surprised me that I didn’t fail. It was very good. She later told me that she just thought it’s a little weird to put water in with the marinade. I told her, “How else am I supposed to marinade the wings if it only barely touches the marinade?”

It also turns out my mom’s iffy about everything as if she’s only one that can do everything perfectly. Well, now, she can’t complain because she’s going to school every night until 8 and when she comes home, she wants dinner. So she has no choice but to have me prepare for her. When you’re hungry, you’ll eat what people serve you.

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Interesting yet confusing Chinese food ingredient names

Whenever my mother has the opportunity to go to Los Angeles, San Francisco, or even Washington, D.C. whether on vacation or business trips, she often would come home with plentiful of traditional Chinese Food Ingredients that she may or may not use.   Continue reading “Interesting yet confusing Chinese food ingredient names”

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