My Place in the World

I used to tell people I’m from a small town because that was how I felt when I lived there. It turned out that small town has more people than the State I’m residing now. Now who’s from a small town? 

Coconut Cupcakes

At the start of the week, my mom told me one of her co-workers was having a baby shower in the office and everyone was bringing treats. Since I’m at home, she had put me in charge of making treats.


I haven’t seen much growth in these parts yet, it’s still freezing and snowing. Therefore, I’ll just have to use some of my old pictures for this challenge. Daily Post Photo Challenge

2017 Reflection Part 2

For Part 1, click here! One of the best and worst thing that happened in 2017 was when I got a job. The best parts were I got a job and I finally have a decent stable income. The worst part was the misery. I got minimal holidays and no vacation. Even when I had…

A 2017 Photo Rewind: Ascend

As the end of 2017 draws nearer, I will take a moment to do a photo rewind starting with this week’s topic of Ascend. Hope you like it. This was one of the most memorable moment in 2017 – riding the world’s longest passenger cable car (or so it claims) up to Tianmen Mountain in…


As a person dealing with constant anxiety at work, home, life, I look for every opportunity to be in a serene environment even if it’s just for a moment.

Experimental Photography

Ever since my aunt gave me her expensive camera with tons of bells and whistles, I’ve been experimenting with the camera functions. I’m not taking many pictures these days but when I was on my road trip in May, I was experimenting. Here are some of my experimental shots. I took this picture at Marble…


This was not an easy topic. It took me browsing almost my entire library to come up with these. So I hope you like them.

Around the Corner

Since my mom is leaving on a business trip, I’m going to spend the day to help her pack. Please enjoy my selection for this week’s photo challenge and I will catch up when I have time. Daily Post Photo Challenge


I love taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets because sunrises and sunsets signify the beginning and end of the day and I think those two things fit this week’s photo challenge. Therefore, I hope you enjoy my selection.