Photo of the Day!

I was experimenting here in this photo. I have been watching YouTube videos, trying to learn photography technique. One of the many photographers I’m following on YouTube suggested instead of taking a general landscape or a macro, why not shooting a photo from a certain perspective? So there I was, attempting to capture the view…

Around the Corner

Since my mom is leaving on a business trip, I’m going to spend the day to help her pack. Please enjoy my selection for this week’s photo challenge and I will catch up when I have time. Daily Post Photo Challenge

Sunday Gratitude

To be honest, when I sat down to write this week’s gratitude post, I couldn’t think of one thing to be grateful for this week. Nothing really happened this week. Well, my aunt finally sold her apartment and she’s been out of my hair most of the week. I guess I am grateful for that.…

Reflection Over Coffee #10

This series has officially taken a turn. Due to the responses from last week, I have updated the series’ title and banner. Also, instead of me yapping my mouth off, I am going to let my comic book characters take over. I hope you enjoy this.

Coffee House Ramble #8

I would first like to apologize that I cannot be here today. I will most definitely be in my upper level Statistics class at the moment, probably counting down the 50 minutes until when I will be getting out to go to the bookstore and blow a few hundred bucks on textbooks. To tell you…