#WeekendCoffeeShare – The Surprise, Laughter, Tears, Anger, and Weirdness

Hello, welcome to #weekendcoffeeshare! If we were having coffee, I would love a cup, maybe even a cup of hot cocoa.

This week has been…a week, all right. There were surprises, laughter, tears, anger, and just plain weirdness.

First, my excursion with my night photography class last weekend was lots of fun, despite the scariness of driving on a dirt road for about 20 miles in the dark. I had to turn on my high beams to see ahead. It was that dark. I got some awesome shots though, especially of the Spiral Jetty (that’s the name of the location). For a beginner to night photography, I would call it a success. Here are my favorites:

The image on the left is so bright because it was lit by the moon. Though it was only a crescent moon, it was surprising how much light it’s casting on the subject below. The 2 shots on the right were not lit by the moon. What a difference, right?

If we were having coffee, I would tell you my co-workers and I went out to lunch this week. What a treat it was! We laughed and we got caught up in the events in each other’s lives and despite a few of my co-workers are twice my age, it was surprisingly easy to talk to them. One of the reason might be, um, they’re not my mom. They don’t tell me to shut up or overreact to things.

Now, onto the tears…

I woke up crying on Monday morning. It was a dream that made me cry. In the dream, I learned I had to get brand new tires for my car. The salesperson somehow said I needed 2 sets of tires. Fine, whatever, I thought. How long did I have to wait? 3 hours? As I waited, I began crying and I think it was because I just spent over $1000 on tires.

Thankfully, that was just a dream. Phew…

Something else happened though. On Thursday morning, as soon as I fired the car up, a notification came on, one of my tires had only 9 psi (pounds-per-square-inch) of pressure. Uh oh, flat tire alert. Without thinking, I drove to the nearest tire shop, which, unfortunately not set to open for another hour.

So I ended up sitting in my car for the hour, tossing a heat pack between my hands to stay warm while pondering on that dream. How prophetic am I? I somehow knew I had tire problem before I knew I had tire problem.

Unlike the dream though, I was able to fix the flat tire for no charge. Phew again…

Finally, anger…

I won this bike for a grand prize at work last year. It’s pretty nice, right? Free bike for me. I was excited back then, when the bike arrived. I was the one who tightened every nut and screw on this thing. I couldn’t wait to finally learn to ride a bike. Until one day when I found my bike missing from my garage after a trip to the grocery store.

My sneaky mother claimed it was stolen but later, I discovered the thief was her. She waited until I was gone and moved the bike into her house – the one she refused to live in.

I don’t know how she put it in there but I can’t get it out without putting a mark on the wall.

For the last few weeks, she’s been screaming at me to sell the bike. Actually, she’s been screaming at me to sell this bike for a year but I refused. First of all, it’s my bike. I won it on a count of dumb luck, still, it’s mine. Secondly, it wasn’t me who moved my bike to her house.

A few days ago, when her phone rang, I found out she’s posted my bike on the local classified ads. She’s selling my bike without so much of my permission. That’s illegal, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t like I can do anything about it other than display a wave of anger toward her. Once again, she gets her own way. *sigh*

I appreciate you stopping by and reading this week’s #weekendcoffeeshare, hope to chat again same time next week.

11 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – The Surprise, Laughter, Tears, Anger, and Weirdness

      1. I wish I had the wisdom and words to advise you but agree something needs to be done before you burst somehow. Would legally forcing her back to her own home in any way put her at risk? Does she NEED to live with anyone? If not, perhaps there is a path to peace in this thought somewhere. Needing to antagonize someone does not count. . .
        Good hunting YingLan. What a mess to be in! I wish you success despite not knowing how it might be made to happen.


  1. Having exposure to various cultures, I understand the difficulties with your mother, but if I am being frank, that behavior is so hateful. I am sorry you have to go through it. Your photographs are amazing and probably well worth the 20 minute scary drive.

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    1. And I don’t think this behavior have anything to do with any specific culture. I think this is just my mom. I’ve had a lot of opinion about this and people tell me she’s just going through a phase and that I should just endure it but I don’t think so as this hasn’t been something that’s just manifesting, she was like this even 20 years ago but I was too young to notice.
      Oh yeah, the scary drive was well worth it. 🙂


  2. I’m so sorry for all you’re going through…Praying you find peace and wisdom to know what to do. Those pictures are great. I’d love to take a night photography class. So glad you got to have lunch with co-workers. I love that we can have multi-generational friendships.

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    1. Thank you. I made an appointment for counseling. I’ve been wanting to get counseling for a while but with the pandemic, the counseling because virtual and I didn’t want to do virtual since I don’t have privacy at home. I’m glad the in-person counseling session is back. Hopefully, it will help me deal.


  3. Oh no that’s so awful about the bike. I recalled a time when my FIL was alive he was trying to rent my spare bedroom to one his friends without me or my husband’s permission. Thankfully it never went through because they mom and daughter thought it was too far from the college.

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      1. I think it’s because we would just say “no.” It’s a house that my husband and I purchased and pay mortgage. I suspect at the time he thought it was ok because it just me and my husband living in a three-bedroom, two bathroom house. We had no kid(s) at the time and one of the rooms was empty. I’m sure his dad saw the spare room as a business opportunity to make some money where it would go to him, not to us.

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      2. I’m sure he did. He saw the empty room and saw dollar signs. You make me feel glad my mom would never do that in my house. Crossing my fingers to hopefully not jinx it.


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