A Photo a Week Challenge: Unexpected Window

As I was watching TV last night and mindlessly browsing my photos on my tablet, I came across this picture and thought, of course, how can I forget this picture? 

I shot this picture two years ago as I was visiting Mount Rushmore. There was a small opening along the trail and I remember looking up upon entering and thought, this is a nice, unique perspective of George Washington. 

A Photo A Week Challenge

A Photo a Week Challenge: Opening

A Photo A Week Challenge

The Drive to South Dakota

I could’ve never guessed I would see so many different types of weather in a single day on this road trip. The 15-day road trip took place in early May (more than two months ago) and I can still remember the weather I encountered on the 10th day driving from Great Falls, Montana to Keystone, South Dakota.

It started out a great drive as you can tell from the above picture. The sky was blue as far as I could see. It had rained hard the night before as I was driving from Waterton Lakes, Canada to Great Falls, Montana. There were some spots where I couldn’t even see. It was a scary 6-hour journey. So seeing the blue skies and sunshine made the drive pleasant.

When we reached Billings, Montana a few hours later, the sky was overcast and gray. Then before I knew it, drops of sprinkles began falling on my rental SUV. Even though I should be used to the weather changing because I live in Utah and weather is different in every city, it still felt a little surreal how quickly the weather changed and I could see it changing.

Like how I can see I’m almost done with this particular storm.

Then I would get to see this gorgeous double rainbow. I had just entered into South Dakota, by the way.

Then just as I was about 20 minutes away from Keystone, the sky began pouring like there was a leak. I turned the window wipers to high but still couldn’t see a thing. You can do this, I told myself as I steadied my hands on the steering wheel.

As I drove along Highway 16 at about 30 mile/hour, I felt somewhat incredible because there I was, driving in the middle of a raging rainstorm, something my mom would never allow me to do, and I was doing it. At the same time, time felt like it was at a standstill. Maybe that’s the way storms work, I don’t know.

Some time later, I finally arrived at the motel in Keystone and was rewarded by this beautiful rainbow. Seeing the rainbow made me feel satisfied and proud of myself for completing the 9-hour drive safe and sound despite the nasty weather I’ve encountered along the way.

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