Three Lines Tale: Flower Fact

Photo by Sergey Shmidt on Unsplash
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Three Lines Tale: The Marketplace

photo by Jordan Harrison
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Three Lines Tale: Everything will be fine

photo by Fredrik Öhlander
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Three Lines Tale: Gist of Life

photo by Christian Lue
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Three Lines Tale: The Final Note


Thousands of hands rose into the air as the singer sang the final note of the song, as she sang the final note of the night, the final note of the tour, and the final note of her career. As the music ended, the singer gracefully bowed and removed her wig, revealing her bald head to the thousands of shocked fans. Eyes wet with tears, she told her fans and the world about her terminal illness.

This is a response for Sonya’s challenge, 3 Lines Tale, where we write 3 lines about the picture above. 

Three Lines Tale: Universal Laws of Life


The professor lectured, “The sun always shines after a storm.

Things get worse before it get better.

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Three Lines Tale: Dinner Party


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Three Lines Tale: Sparks


Come on, let the sparks fly

Let it light up the night

So it can spread far and wide.

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Three Lines Tale: Christmas Party


Drinks, check!

Biscotti, cutting, check!

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Three Lines Tale: All Grown Up


We met when you were just a seed, stuck in the earth between two slabs of concrete. Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: All Grown Up”

Three Lines Tale: Say Cheese


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Three Lines Tale: Dirty Cheat


“Tell you what, here are two stacks of macarons, if I pull that yellow one at the bottom without toppling any of the others over, you have to forgive everything I’ve ever done and kiss me on the lips.” He said. Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: Dirty Cheat”

Three Lines Tale: Photo Shoot


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Three Lines Tale: The Shooting Game


Standing still, his knuckles are white and pale as her giggle echoes through the labyrinth.  Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: The Shooting Game”

Three Lines Tale: The Chasing Game


He has been chasing her all over town, from door to door and window to window. Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: The Chasing Game”

Three Lines Tale: Running from Time


Exhaling a breath of frozen morning air, he paused and surveyed the desolate landscape around him. Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: Running from Time”

Three Lines Tale: Early Christmas


“Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la la la la la.”

“Christmas music? Really? Here’s something for you, get pumpkin carving. Chop chop!”

[moments later] “Eh, close enough, a face is a face. It’ll scare anyone.” [walking away whistling Deck the Halls] Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: Early Christmas”

Three Lines Tale: Lighthouse

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Three Lines Tale: Is This a Dream?


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Three Lines Tale: Sir Vice?


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Three Lines Tale: Masterpiece


There you go, there you go, just stand still, he thought, setting up his telescopic lens beside a tree. The majestic deer stood in front of the rising sun while the others rested on the ground, worshiping their leader. Quickly shaking his hands out of the warm gloves, he pressed his face against the camera and clicked the shutter button – snap – he had once again shot a masterpiece. Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: Masterpiece”

Three Lines Tale: Big Yellow Taxi


“What is this?” She chuckled, pointing at the car parked by the curb.

“Your new car, what do you think?” He asked, anticipating her smile and shriek of excitement.

Her mouth opened and closed, then she turned to him and in one motion, she slapped him across the face, “You bought me a taxi? A big freaking yellow taxi?”

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Three Lines Tale: Roll the Yarn


“Mommy, I’m bored.” She woke up to find her kitten’s large emerald eyes staring at her.

She sighed, jumped off the bed and returned a few moments later rolling a ball of yarn.

“Baby, this is a classic game we cats play; it’s called roll the ball of yarn back and forth while mommy takes a quick nap.” Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: Roll the Yarn”