Three Lines Tale: The Final Note

Thousands of hands rose into the air as the singer sang the final note of the song, as she sang the final note of the night, the final note of the tour, and the final note of her career. As the music ended, the singer gracefully bowed and removed her wig, revealing her bald head…

Three Lines Tale: Dirty Cheat

“Tell you what, here are two stacks of macarons, if I pull that yellow one at the bottom without toppling any of the others over, you have to forgive everything I’ve ever done and kiss me on the lips.” He said.

Three Lines Tale: Early Christmas

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la la la la la.” “Christmas music? Really? Here’s something for you, get pumpkin carving. Chop chop!” [moments later] “Eh, close enough, a face is a face. It’ll scare anyone.” [walking away whistling Deck the Halls]

Three Lines Tale: Masterpiece

There you go, there you go, just stand still, he thought, setting up his telescopic lens beside a tree. The majestic deer stood in front of the rising sun while the others rested on the ground, worshiping their leader. Quickly shaking his hands out of the warm gloves, he pressed his face against the camera…

Three Lines Tale: Big Yellow Taxi

“What is this?” She chuckled, pointing at the car parked by the curb. “Your new car, what do you think?” He asked, anticipating her smile and shriek of excitement. Her mouth opened and closed, then she turned to him and in one motion, she slapped him across the face, “You bought me a taxi? A…

Three Lines Tale: Roll the Yarn

“Mommy, I’m bored.” She woke up to find her kitten’s large emerald eyes staring at her. She sighed, jumped off the bed and returned a few moments later rolling a ball of yarn. “Baby, this is a classic game we cats play; it’s called roll the ball of yarn back and forth while mommy takes…

Three Lines Tale: The Metropolis

The first time I visited the metropolis, all the buildings were gray and white.  The second time I visited the metropolis, the buildings were only half as tall as the first time. The third time I visited the metropolis, I was like, “Did I shrink?”