Three Lines Tale: Flower Fact

Photo by Sergey Shmidt on Unsplash
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Three Lines Tale: The Marketplace

photo by Jordan Harrison
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Three Lines Tale: Everything will be fine

photo by Fredrik Öhlander
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Three Lines Tale: Gist of Life

photo by Christian Lue
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What do you see # 169 – The Art of Contemplation

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#Bloganuary 2023 Prompt Day 6 and 7

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What do you see # 167 – Go be with the wind

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Friday Fictioneers: You Can’t Prepare for This

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Photo Challenge #349: Love, Trust, and Promises

Credit: Natalia Drepina

I have never trusted anyone. My whole life, I’ve known only one thing – people lie. People cheat, break promises, betray one’s trust, and never do the things they say they would do.

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Song from the Heart

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Three Lines Tale: The Final Note


Thousands of hands rose into the air as the singer sang the final note of the song, as she sang the final note of the night, the final note of the tour, and the final note of her career. As the music ended, the singer gracefully bowed and removed her wig, revealing her bald head to the thousands of shocked fans. Eyes wet with tears, she told her fans and the world about her terminal illness.

This is a response for Sonya’s challenge, 3 Lines Tale, where we write 3 lines about the picture above. 

Three Lines Tale: Universal Laws of Life


The professor lectured, “The sun always shines after a storm.

Things get worse before it get better.

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Three Lines Tale: Dinner Party


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Three Lines Tale: Sparks


Come on, let the sparks fly

Let it light up the night

So it can spread far and wide.

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Three Lines Tale: Christmas Party


Drinks, check!

Biscotti, cutting, check!

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Three Lines Tale: All Grown Up


We met when you were just a seed, stuck in the earth between two slabs of concrete. Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: All Grown Up”

Three Lines Tale: Say Cheese


He is a young heart with an old soul, collecting antiques since he was a little boy. Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: Say Cheese”

Three Lines Tale: Running from Time


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Three Lines Tale: Lighthouse

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Three Lines Tale: Is This a Dream?


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Three Lines Tale: The Metropolis

A photo by Steven Wei.

The first time I visited the metropolis, all the buildings were gray and white. 

The second time I visited the metropolis, the buildings were only half as tall as the first time.

The third time I visited the metropolis, I was like, “Did I shrink?”  Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: The Metropolis”

Three Lines Tale: Her Type…


Battered tattooed hands with an ingenuous attitude,

He’s someone who can stand the pain

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Three Lines Tale: Lightning


She loves everything about thunder and lightning. Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: Lightning”