Las Vegas 2021 Trip Day 4

I think a picture of the sunset from the 35th floor is a fitting picture to end this journey. Another end to another trip.

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Las Vegas 2021 Trip Day 3

I think this is definitely a 2021 thing. I was told this conference is going to be crazy, that there would be lots of people, believe me, 1000 is a lot of people especially in a time like this but it has been slow-going working at the registration desk.

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Las Vegas 2021 Trip Day 2

One thing I must admit about Las Vegas or perhaps every city, the night view is definitely different from what I’m used to especially when it’s from the 35th floor of a 5-star hotel room.

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Las Vegas 2021 Trip Day 1

It was around 8:45 AM when I arrived in Vegas and it was 100-degrees. So hot!

It’s my first time traveling to Las Vegas guys via an airplane and I have to say it’s more exhausting than driving – you have to park at the airport, ride a shuttle to the terminal, go through security, walk to the gate, board the plane, and ride for an hour. An hour later, more walking. Oh and let’s not mention all the things you cannot bring with you when you air travel.

I’m on my way to the hotel. My cold has somewhat subsided after taking multiple medications this morning. Hopefully, it’ll stay that way.

It’s Not All About Luck

By the way, Happy 24th to me! And Happy 2 years blogging Streak!

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My Adventure in Las Vegas – Day 3

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My Adventure in Las Vegas – Day 2

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My Adventure in Las Vegas – Day 1

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Hello from Las Vegas

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