#WeekendCoffeeShare: Fruits of my Labor

Good morning or afternoon, if you’re here in my house, I would offer you something cold and icy because guess what, my neck of the woods is under another heat dome. The high is going to be 97-degrees-Fahrenheit again today (36-degree-Celsius). It’s the middle of August, aren’t we past the hottest part of summer? I…

Las Vegas 2021 Trip Day 3

I think this is definitely a 2021 thing. I was told this conference is going to be crazy, that there would be lots of people, believe me, 1000 is a lot of people especially in a time like this but it has been slow-going working at the registration desk.

Kissing Up to the Frenemy

Kissing up, kissing a$$, whatever you want to call it, I’m not a fan even though I am someone who’s eager to please. I have my limits and would never stoop so low as to kiss someone’s behind to keep them happy.