Macro Moments: Week 30


Is it Spring or does this ranch has a way to surprise me every time I go? Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 30”

Macro Moments: Week 29


This is a macro of a flower. I shot this on my recent trip to the ranch where my aunt refills our water supply. Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 29”

Macro Moments: Week 27


I shot this with my aunt’s ILC camera which, despite its lower megapixel, is a way better camera than the one I brought with me to China. Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 27”

Macro Moments: Week 26


To be honest, I haven’t taken any macro pictures since that tassel photo from about a month back. This is one of the first macros I’ve taken since I arrived in China. Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 26”

Macro Moments: Week 22


I took this picture today as I was getting my graduation gown ready for my graduation tomorrow. Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 22”

Macro Moments: Week 20


I have been searching for a macro photo for days since I haven’t had a chance to take a macro this week. Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 20”

Macro Moments: Week 19


I will admit, this is not the prettiest picture I have ever taken but it does fit this week’s topic of Broadening Your Scope. Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 19”

Macro Moments: Week 18


This is a photo of a blackberry bush leaf in the fall. Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 18”

Macro Moments: Week 17


I don’t think I have ever seen the mint plant in the backyard flower before Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 17”

Macro Moments: Week 15


I found these flowers outside of my school’s student service building late September. Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 15”

Macro Moments: Week 14


This is a rose bud I found on my walk around the park last week. Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 14”

Macro Moments: Week 13


Mmm… Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 13”

Macro Moments: Week 12


This is a macro photo (because it said macro setting on my camera) of some wild fruit I took when I went on my hiking expedition in Ogden Canyon. Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 12”

Macro Moments: Week 11


I don’t really have anything to say about this photo other than I took it yesterday when I went up Adam’s Canyon for the third time and possibly the last time and yellow is one of my favorite colors. It reminds me of sunshine.  Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 11”

Macro Moments: Week 10 – Cake


So I tried to bake a cake earlier this week. It was failure but at least it was edible. Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 10 – Cake”

Macro Moments: Week 9


For this week’s theme, Inanimate Object, I decided to photograph one of my most important possessions. Are they just the cutest things? Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 9”

Macro Moments: Week 8


Here is a shot of the cherry tomatoes in the garden. Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 8”

Macro Moments: Week 7


Some time ago, I posted a black and white version of this picture and I got some comments that a few people want to see the color version of the picture. Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 7”

Macro Moments: Week 6


Here is a plate of freshly picked blackberries shot under macro settings and then tweaked using the Pixlr app. Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 6”

Macro Moments: Week 5


I took this picture early June and I didn’t get the chance to share it until now. Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 5”

Macro Moments: Week 4


Here is one of my favorite macro photo I’ve recently taken. Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 4”

Macro Moments: Week 3


I am joining the challenge: Macro Moments, hosted by Susan at Musin’ with Susan. Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 3”