CFFC: Would Make a Friend Happy

Gifting a giant teddy bear
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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #171: Weird and Wonderful

Weird and Wonderful, this is the topic for this week’s Lens-Artist Photo Challenge, hosted by Ann-Christine, which is another topic I find challenging for me.

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Preparation

Though it’s a little blurry, I think this photo fits this week’s topic of Preparation. Isn’t this little guy just the cutest? He’s about to jump to try to catch the bubble.

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Wordless Wednesday: Bunnies!

CFFC: Stuffed Animals

Last year, with the pandemic underway and a little too much time on my hands during the weekends, I decided to take up crocheting. Aside from sourdough baking, this was my second so-called “pandemic hobby.”

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Photo of the Day!

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Photo of the Day!

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Cute Animal Decorations For Cee’s Odd Ball

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Macro Moments: Week 9


For this week’s theme, Inanimate Object, I decided to photograph one of my most important possessions. Are they just the cutest things? Continue reading “Macro Moments: Week 9”