CFFC: Weathered Wood #WordlessWednesday

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

#SundayStills: Missing the Great #Outdoor

This week, Terri from Second Wind Leisure Perspectives asks the question for #SundayStills: Are you a fan of your own backyard, or would you rather explore the great outdoors on a grander scale?

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #252: What’s Bugging You?

Happy Sunday! Donna from Wind Kisses is the lovely hostess for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge and we are talking about all kinds of bugs this week.

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CFFC: Colorful Monochromes #WordlessWednesday

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

CMMC: May Alphabet – Any Word with an I

Image descriptions: Wildflower, Squirrel, Petunia, Mountain, and Iris

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge

#SundayStills: Monthly Color: #Purple

This month’s color for #SundayStills is one that is my favorite – Purple.

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CMMC: May Color – Imperial Purple

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge

CMMC: May Close Up – Garden Update

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #247: Backlit

Happy Sunday! This week, Ann-Christine is the lovely hostess for Lens-Artist Photo Challenge and the topic is one of my favorites – Backlit.

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CMMC: April Alphabet – Ending with a G

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#SundayStills: Spring is Finally Here! #Earth

There is no better feeling than to know Mother Nature is finally presenting us with signs of spring.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #246: Still Life

Happy Sunday! Patti is the host for this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge and it’s all about Still Life.

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CBWC: Back of Things

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CMMC: April Color – Granny Smith Apple Green

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CFFC: Anything Small #WordlessWednesday

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

CMMC: April Close Up

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CFFC: Found in Nature #SundayStills #WordlessWednesday

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Also inspired by #SundayStills: #Awaken

Hello April 2023!

I feel like even before it begins, I’m happy that a new month is here. I have good feelings about April, is that too presumptuous or did I just jinxed it?

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #241: Spring

Happy Sunday! This week, Sophia of Photographias is the hostess for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge and this week, with the spring equinox on Monday, March 20, 2023, it’s all about spring.

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#SundayStills: Monthly Color Challenge – #Green in the Garden

It’s been a long and rough winter, I tell ya.

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#SundayStills: Out of this Amazing #World

I think the night sky is absolutely out of this world when getting to experience it with a camera. I shot this photo in my backyard in 2019 after all the lights were turned off in the house. When I saw the photo on the tiny screen of the camera, I couldn’t believe my eyes. What was that star that’s shining so bright?

I couldn’t see it with my naked eyes and haven’t gotten Photopill (a star tracker app) on my phone back then. If I had, I could’ve pointed the phone to the sky and it would’ve told me what star this was.

Aren’t night skies just the most amazing sight especially if seeing it through a camera?

I got some pretty interesting comments when I first posted this picture in 2015. I didn’t even see it at first but many reader saw the glare that looked like an alien spaceship. Do you see it?

Finally, how’s this for out of this #world? Doesn’t it look like something other than a cluster of cherry blossoms?

CMMC: Letter C in the Middle

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#SundayStills: #Birds

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