CFFC: Curves

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CFFC: Photos in 50 steps or less

The garden is always less than 50 steps away.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

CFFC: Found in Nature

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CFFC: Man-Made Items #WordlessWednesday

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CFFC: Basically Two Colors

It was tough to pick photos for this week’s topic as not many photos have only 2 colors even though there’s a “basically” in the topic.

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CFFC: Shadows

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CFFC: Connecting to the Present Moment

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CFFC: Reminders of Nature’s Beauty

There are many things that reminds me of nature’s beauty. One of which is the mountains. They give me a place to go when it gets boring and hot.

Another one is sunrises and sunsets. I think these are the most beautiful parts of the day – one marks the beginning and the other marks the end.

And let’s not forget the plants and flowers, I think they are nature’s way of adding beauty to the greenery.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

CFFC: Would Make a Friend Happy

Gifting a giant teddy bear
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CFFC: Brings a Smile to My Face

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CFFC: City Structures

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CFFC: Landscape

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CFFC: Barn #WordlessWednesday

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CFFC: Connecting Points

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CFFC: Circles and Curves

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CFFC: Lots of Triangles

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CFFC: Straight Lines

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CFFC: Crooked or Squiggly

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CFFC: Edges or Ledges

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CFFC: Water

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CFFC: Wood

Fossilized wood
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CFFC: Metal

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CFFC: Bridge

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