Autumn Colors Panorama

As we venture into October, my aunt and I were adamant to search for some fall colors around us. Therefore, we spent one weekend hiking from one mountain range to the next. We finally found it in a beautiful scenic area near the Snowbasin Ski Resort near Morgan, Utah.

Photo of the Day!

Here is another picture from my afternoon trip up Snow Basin on Sunday. I absolutely love the colors autumn offers in this picture. It’s one of the main reasons why I love fall – the colors are just incredible. If it wasn’t for the cold, I believe I would’ve stood there longer than 5 minutes.…

Photo of the Day!

I love sunsets. Whenever I get a chance, I would capture it. I captured this sunset last weekend and I quite like it. Want more? Please check out my Instagram profile. Technical Details Sony NEX-5T v.1.00 (f/4, 21 mm, ISO-500, 1/160 sec)


This was not an easy topic. It took me browsing almost my entire library to come up with these. So I hope you like them.